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Metropia: A Masterfully Crafted Masterpiece of the Mind

This week’s film choice, Metropia, is a highly conceptual, beautifully crafted work of art.

Metropia is so enticing visually that one could watch it without volume and enjoy it purely as an hour- and- a- half long moving work of art.

The film follows Roger (voiced by Vincent Gallo), a colorless office employee that has become empathetic to the banality of his life. Everything changes, when Roger begins to hear a voice in his head that responds to everything he’s thinking. In order to stop the voice, Roger pairs up with his dream girl, a shampoo model named Nina (voiced by Juliette Lewis). Roger’s adventure takes him on a journey that leads him to some unsettling discoveries about the current nature of society.

While the film is a masterpiece visually, its plot is relatively choppy and hard to follow. It is unclear whether this tactic was intentional or the plot is not fully developed.

Regardless, Metropia is not a movie that can just be flipped on while checking emails or sending Farmville requests. It requires ample attention.

With its coupling of dazzling cinematography and complex plot, Metropia challenges the current state of cinema and revives the necessity of concentration within  the realm of entertainment.

Metropia is a rated R animated film and runs 1 hour and 26 min.

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  1. Matthew Lupulio

    April 1, 2013 at 2:37 pm