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Beyonce Releases Bizarre New Track, Eyebrows Raise

It’s almost impossible to escape Beyonce these days. From her Super Bowl performance to her HBO documentary, and talk of her highly anticipated album set for release in April, it’s a wonder people haven’t gotten sick of her yet.

But a new track, presumably off of her forthcoming release, titled “Bow Down/I Been On,” leaked onto the interwebs on Sunday. And it definitely has people talking.

It’s one of the strangest pieces of music I’ve ever listened to. It starts off with Beyonce indulging in some shameless self-admiration and proclaiming “I know when you were little girls/You dreamt of being in my world” before ordering her faithful subjects to “bow down, bitches.” She repeats the latter several times before the beat changes.

The remainder of the song features an eerie operatic background voice interspersed with Beyonce rapping in a digitally distorted voice that makes her sound like a man. I’m not sure exactly what she’s trying to do there, but the song ends up sounding like 4 different bad songs strung together to create the biggest musical hot mess since the last Black Eyed Peas album.

I can see she’s trying to be “innovative” here, as so many artists are trying (keyword: trying) to do these days, but come on. It also doesn’t do anything for her supposedly “humble” image when she’s yelling at me to bow down and calling me a bitch. And it won’t do anything to diffuse any of that Illuminati conspiracy theory business, either.

Just a glance at the single cover, which features a young Beyonce surrounded by a million trophies, pretty much made me hate the song before I even listened to it.

You can listen to the song in its entirety here and judge for yourself.

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