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Ay Caramba! Foreign Language Department’s Annual Academy Awards Night

On Monday, March 25th, the Foreign Language Department hosted their 18th Annual Academy Awards Night. Anyone who has ever taken a foreign language at Emmanuel is familiar with this event, but this year it was required for every student taking a language to attend.

Nominees had to perform various skits nominated for Academy Awards in front of the entire language department, depending which language they performed in. The Arabic skits had to perform in front of all the Arabic faculty and students, and so on. This event was divided into four sections: Arabic, French, Italian, and Spanish. I attended the very popular Spanish Academy Awards.

The skits included a Spanish version of Jerry Springer, road trips, Miel Boo Boo (a Spanish version of Honey Boo Boo), reality shows, a new version on the Dark Knight, Family Feud, and American Idol. The crowd’s favorite was by far the new version of Batman, especially the Spanish narration of Morgan Freeman.

But the two winners of the Academy Awards were the skits called, “La Mejor Banda Del Mundo (The Best Band in the Land)” and ” Viaje Por Carretera (Road Trip).” They were the only skits that didn’t use flashcards.

Faculty members and one student judged the skits.

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