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Four Things I’ve Done On a First Date that You Shouldn’t

First dates can be great. They can also be incredibly awkward. I prefer non-traditional dates that involve activities rather than staring at another person for an hour and making small talk. However, if you find yourself in the traditional dinner-date setting, here are some of my own mistakes that you might want to avoid making.

  1. Bringing up the Ex: Most people end up doing this anyway. Asking about past relationships is something we can’t help being curious about. We all want to know the same thing: is this person crazy? Figuring out how and why a past relationship ended gives us great insight into that. Even just the manner in which you speak about an ex can be a telling sign. My recommendation is avoid this topic in general. It can go from light-hearted to awkward real fast. On one first date experience, during a lull in conversation I actually asked the guy where his ex went to school. It was incredibly awkward and I ended up drinking four glasses of water to avoid further conversation lulls and word vomit.
  2. Ordering spaghetti: You want to order pasta? Totally fine. You won’t see me paying for a bowl of leaves anytime soon. However, if you are going to, stick to one of the more consumer-friendly types of pasta–like rigatoni. Avoid the linguini or angel hair. I’ve made this mistake too many times, mostly because I really do love linguine. Part of me wants to tell you slurping angel hair mid-conversation or spraying red sauce onto your shirt is worth it, but at least for the first date, this might be one to avoid.
  3. Texting: I hate when people text while talking to me, but I’ll admit I’ve done this before. Texting under the table? Actually not as smooth as you might think it is. You’ll end up looking like you are more interested in your lap than the person in front of you. Texting is a definite no-go during the first date. Update your friends later and enjoy the date now. Unless your date is giving off serial killer vibes. Then, please by all means, text your friend.
  4. Eating incredibly fast: Most of my problems with first dates revolve around food. I end up scarfing down my food like I’ve been fasting for a week. This is usually totally fine in the comfort of my own home, or among close friends; with a date this never works out in my favor. I end up finishing my meal and staring at their food. I’ve actually had a date pass his plate over to me. I realize in retrospect finishing it may have been a little strange, but water under the bridge I suppose.
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