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The Bag As Powerful As You

With all the emails, tweets and texts I send in a day I always find my cell battery falling short of my fifth morning coffee. When your battery hits red the only option left is to find a free wall socket, but who really has time to stand around and wait for their phone to charge?

That’s when I stumbled across Everpurse, an invention so clever it hurts. I never knew how much I needed one until now, which is a clear sign of a badass invention.

The Everpurse is a clutch-sized bag that has a charging pocket with a hidden dock connecter at the bottom for your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. (They are currently working on adding a wider selection of compatible phones.)

At night, you place your Everpurse onto a mat that is included in your purchase to wirelessly recharge the bag and you have limitless phone battery for the day. It’s seriously that easy.

Ingenious! Until I realize I’m a broke college student and the more stylish leather clutches will set me back a $249 I don’t have.

Fashion-forward ladies on the go of the world, we must pray to the style gods that this purse becomes popular enough for it to be affordable.

In the meantime I’ll admire their Spring 2013 collection and file the Everpurse under “need.”

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One Response to The Bag As Powerful As You

  1. Sarah Ribeiro

    April 7, 2013 at 6:25 pm

    Stop it, this bag is perfect.