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Lyres, Lyres: Tracks on Fire

A few weeks back, I wrote about Ace of Hearts artifacts and my favorite local band, the Neighborhoods. For those of you that don’t remember, I mostly proved that any social recluse with an iPod Classic thinks she’s a music critic. I also mentioned my dad shaping my music taste and he’s back at it again: I’ve been binging on his Boston favorites, Lyres. (Please note, the band’s founder and leader, Jeff Conolly insists that there’s no “the” in the band’s name.)

Lyres released Lyres Lyres in 1985 and it’s as good as garage rock is gonna get. Nothing gets a girl like me to open her lobes like some sweet organ parts and Conolly totally nails it. Conolly also masters a type of vocal fusion that sounds like a cat screeching, Johnny Rotten, and second-hand blues. Track two, “She Pays the Rent,” is my personal favorite. The first minute of this song is just rhythmic unison and I imagine simply swaying on a dance floor. But Connelly’s short screeches and Rick Corracio’s distinctive bass line, slowly but surely turn this song into drunken frenzy on the dance floor.

The next few tracks follow a similar groove. But “I Love Her Still, I Always Will” borders on ripping off The Animal’s single, “The House of the Rising Sun.” No one likes a copycat. Thankfully, track seven, “Stacy,” creates a unique sound: ska leftovers that actually sound good.

Track thirteen, “Stormy”, is another favorite. The keys and percussion in the first few seconds of this track are so just so damn creepy. The Doors, The B-52s, and playing an Ouija board in a dark room come to mind.

For now, my lo-fi, garage rock quick fix is definitely Lyres. If it took me this long to find them, I’ll be married with kids by the time I hear Wavves’ new album anyways.

For those of you that weren’t alive in the ’80s and only pay for Pitchfork certified tunes, stream the album on Spotify. For more information, check out Lyres’ Facebook page. 

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