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Why You Should Ignore Trends

Fashion magazines bombard you with spring trends, fall trends and what you should be wearing now. My advice: Don’t listen.

Staying on trend is too time consuming. Remembering if bodycon dresses are in this month — or is it maxi dresses – takes more time studying glossies than any person should.

I remember when I first became fashion-obsessed and had no idea how to build my personal style. I would literally go through a checklist of trendy items I needed to have in my closet whenever I went shopping.

But was I wearing that white faux fur vest that all the magazines told me to wear 3 months later? No.

I’ve found it’s best to ignore what’s trendy and spend your money on pieces that will continue through the seasons. If you can see yourself wearing a piece in the summer then layering into cooler seasons, then it’s worth it.

Adding timeless pieces to your wardrobe that speak to your style should be the goal. So when you start shopping for this spring and summer 2013 ignore the Bermuda shorts (please, I’m begging you) and pick up pieces that will last.

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