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Adam McQuaid: To Mullet or Not to Mullet

The Bruins had another successful “Cuts For A Cause” event on April 1. They were able to earn $76,000 for pediatric cancer. But the big question on my mind was if Defenseman Adam McQuaid would get his signature mullet.

For the past two events, Quaider has buzzed his hair into a mullet. This helmet look went along perfectly with his nickname “Darth Quaider.” Some say the mullet was a contributing factor that led the Bruins to win the Stanley Cup Championship back in 2011.

Despite the hype around the power of the mullet, Quaider skipped out the mullet do for a simple buzz cut.

Forward Brad Marchand tried to bring his own mullet look during the event.

“I’m just trying to bring it back, that’s the main reason. The other is I look fantastic with a mullet – business in the front and party in the back,” Marchand said.

Unfortunately his version of the mullet didn’t last very long and he shaved it off before the event was over.

“I can’t do that, I have a rep to protect,” he explained. “I can’t be running around with a mullet.”

I will always remember Quaider’s mullet. It was a marvelous site to see it poking out of this helmet during games. Hopefully we will see it again someday.

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