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Big Dipper is Major Fun

As much I like to think that I love music with a “meaning,” it’s always good to have a decent selection of “fun” music in iTunes, especially with warm weather coming soon (although I soberly entertain the thought that my taste is more sophisticated than the likes of LMFAO).

Gay rapper Big Dipper earned a spread in April’s edition of Nu-Mode magazine, so I decided it was finally time for me to take an in-depth listen to the name I’d been seeing across the internet for a while.

There’s no deep back story or political agenda to his music, but Dipper certainly is big—both in terms of his bear physique and in terms of his personality. His unabashed music is full of silly jokes and hip hop rhymes splayed over heavy dance influences.  In his song “Bigfoot,” Dipper’s humor really shows, not just in the title, but also in lines like “venus fly trap? I’m a penis guy trap.” Some other songs are so filthy that the cleanest lyric I can quote here is “I need to meet my meat quotient.”

His videos are worth a watch, as they perfectly match his music, with him dressing up in Jewish drag, flaunting his belly while wearing a Thor helmet, and shooting out of the sky as a god to people painted as woodland creatures.

If his sleazy absurdity doesn’t appeal to you, just have a few drinks and you’ll be dancing to the beats in no time (also, try getting a sense of humor).

(Sidenote: SoundCloud has a new feature called “Here’s the Drop,” which points out exactly when the bass kicks in. Kind of useful, I guess? More so that it just shows how much EDM has been blowing up lately.)

Watch his video for the aforementioned “Meat Quotient” single below (just make sure you aren’t in class… or anywhere near anyone you aren’t completely comfortable with):

Download his free EP entitled “They Ain’t Ready” (and yes, that is a riff on Destiny’s Child’s “Bootylicious”) on his website.

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