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What’s Up at EC: Students Respond to Marathon Tragedy

Marathon Monday is arguably Boston’s favorite party holiday. It’s one of the few days everyone in this city can celebrate freely and happily, and that was crushed yesterday.

Yesterday afternoon, two blasts that could be heard on campus injured over 100 people, killing at least three. Despite all this, Emmanuel students came together in an incredibly inspiring moment of hope.

Tonight, at approximately 8:30 pm, over 200 Emmanuel students came together to stand on the quad and support each other at a vigil organized by Ollie Allen, ’15.

“Tonight was something that just came to me,” said Allen. “I was expecting probably 15 people to show up. I was sitting in my friend’s dorm room watching the news and I leaned over to him and I told him we were going to buy candles to light in the quad. I ran to Shaw’s and texted about 20 of my friends and all of a sudden I get a phone call that people are on the quad waiting for me.”

Allen did not expect as strong as a presence as there was. His original text was forwarded around campus, and soon students were posting on Facebook and Twitter to meet on the quad.

“It just snowballed,” he said. “You see how amazing our community is to come out and do that — to see all those kids crying, hugging, holding hands, praying and together was amazing!”

At the beginning of the vigil, Allen spoke alongside a few other students while everyone lit their candles. Soon, music was playing, and a prayer was initiated.

“The best part was the prayer, the candles and the amount of people and those willing to talk,” Allen said. “It was too amazing.”

Today, and here on out, Emmanuel should stay together, and continue to support each other. There will be an 11:45am mass this morning (4/16), and EC Yoga Club will be accepting donations to charities at tonight’s 8pm session. Those who wish to donate blood can do so at the Boston Donation Center.

“I think it would be wise to keep up with what we started,” said Allen. “We donate blood, time and whatever else we can. Those are our families and friends in our community that need our help.”

Tragedy is never far away. This afternoon shook all of us as Bostonians. But it brought to light what’s most important: we all have each other.

Stay safe, Saints.

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