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Boston Strong

The Boston Marathon is supposed to be a time of joy and sportsmanship, but after the devastation that took place in our city on April 15, it will forever be changed.

Despite this devastation, Boston athletes are stepping in and doing what they do best, supporting the people of their city.

Red Sox player Will Middlebrooks tweeted Tuesday, “I can’t wait to put on my jersey today…I get to play for the strongest city out there. #BostonStrong.” He also posted a picture of his jersey with the hash tag “BostonStrong.”

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 10.23.12 PM

Image by Maria J. Karantzoulidis

In addition to Middlebrooks, Jon Lester and Shane Victorino posted pictures of their Red Sox jersey’s expressing their love and support of the city they love to play for.

Former Patriots offensive lineman Joe Andruzzi was at the Marathon when the bombs went off. A picture was taken of him carrying a victim away from the scene.

Both the Boston Bruins and the Boston Celtics canceled their games releasing statements expressing that it wouldn’t feel right to play in light of what happened. Then, during the Boston Bruins game on Wednesday, April 17, the fans took over the national anthem from Rene Rancourt and finished it out strong.

Boston sports teams and players are not the only ones showing support for the city of Boston.

As President Barack Obama said, “Boston is a tough and resilient town.”

The Chicago Tribute sports section’s front page showed their support with an image of text that read, “We are Chicago” five times.  Under that text were the logos of the five major Boston sports teams.

In New York, there were images of the Yankees “NY” logo with a heart followed by the Red Sox “B” logo.

The Montréal Canadiens held a moment of silence prior to a game against the Flyers on Monday for the victims of the Marathon.

These are just some examples of the teams and cities that have reached out in support of Boston.

We are a small city, but a strong city and we will make it through this devastation with the love and support from our athletes that give us so much joy.

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