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Thousands Attend Interfaith Memorial in the Name of Peace, Love and Solidarity

“THANK GOD FOR THE BOSTON MARATHON BOMBS!! Westboro Baptist Church to picket funerals of those killed.” #praisegod”

If the instigators at the WBC thought the people of Boston would take that kind of threat lying down, they were wrong. In fact, the thousands of Bostonians that showed up on Thursday morning as part of a peaceful counter-protest proved just how wrong they were.

When the WBC announced their plan to picket the Interfaith Memorial service being held to commemorate the victims and heroes of the Boston Marathon bombing, a small group of friends started a Facebook event encouraging people to take part in a “solemn human wall.” The group went viral. By Thursday morning over 6,000 people had confirmed their attendance via Facebook.

The Westboro Baptist Church did not show. Instead, they chose to hide behind their computer monitors, fiddling with Photoshop to deface pictures of the turnout. Obviously, this does nothing for their reputation as a laughing stock amongst the greater public. “Check out the WBC website,” one organizer said with a smile, “It’s basically The Onion of Baptist churches.”

So while the WBC chose to cower in anonymity, the turnout on Thursday was nonetheless a definitive testament to the solidarity and unwavering strength of Boston citizens. The partnership between civilians and law enforcement in the name of protecting our people speaks volumes about the caliber of our city and the people in it.

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