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Boston Marathon Reliefs or How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Dropkick Murphy’s (kind of)

I manage a Chris Farley physique, eat up all my self-shame, and my motor skills are comparable to a sloth operating a Cozy Coupe. With that being said, let me just say my whole clogged-up arteries heart, goes out to all the runners in the Boston Marathon and more importantly, to all the heroes and victims that Boston has encountered along its way to full recovery.

Now I wouldn’t be living up to my unwaxed mustache unless I shared the music relief and fundraising efforts that have been going on since the marathon.

Last week, Full Scene Ahead put on a benefit show at McGann’s Irish Pub where they generated $727.00 for One-Fund Boston.  Seizing another chance to talk up my friends, The Last of the Independents played a relief show that was originally advertised as “420 Party” at the Chit Chat Lounge in Haverhill. After the tragedy, however, Seismic Entertainment announced that, “a portion of the proceeds from this show will go to help victims of the Boston Marathon attack!”

Photo: The Last of the Independents at the Chit Chat Lounge

The Last of the Independents at the Chit Chat Lounge
Photo: Michael Kmfdm

But enough about basements, bars and the low-seen scene. Even the artists that give you a nosebleed to see them got involved. Last Saturday, Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” performance at Fenway Park surely turned the seventh inning stretch into a shing-a-ling shuffle.

And clearly my spirit has changed if I’m about to endorse a Dropkick Murphy’s show. Today on their Twitter account, the Dropkick Murphy’s announced they would be playing a show this Sunday at the House of Blues. The bill includes Boston ska stoners, Big D and the Kids Table and a few other Massachusetts bands. 100% of ticket sales will be donated to One-Fund Boston.

Finally, for any fellow hermits that would rather not venture around the hub, you can still earn a few puffs from that Parliament butt: Boston music blog, Allston Pudding put out a charity mixtape. This compilation features 130 songs from 130 unique artists. And you can donate as little as $1.00 to obtain a copy. Buy one and prove that you are cheaper than iTunes.

For the rest of you that are not impressed, I’m sure Urban Outfitters will release their flannel line patched with “Boston Strong” and purple kitties soon enough.

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