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After the bombing incident on Patriots day last Monday, two Emerson College students began a fundraiser to help the victims and their families by selling t-shirts with the words ‘Boston Strong’ on them.

Nicholas Reynolds, the co-founder of the Boston Strong fundraiser, and his classmate, Chris Dobens, wanted to create these shirts because they felt helpless when it came to helping the victims out.  They planned to sell these shirts to their classmates and friends, but they didn’t expect the t-shirts to be such a success.

The process of these shirts was quite simple. Both students went through an online printing agency to print an estimate of 110 t-shirts at $20 each.

However, the logo ‘Boston Strong’ became very popular as the week unfolded, and people felt it was necessary to own this t-shirt. So, the sales went up, and more than 1,800 shirts have been sold so far. To their surprise, profits raised to over $35,000.

The fundraiser became such a sensation, that the production company wanted in. So, they transformed ‘Boston Strong’ Fundraiser and merged it with the One Fund Charity so that 100-percent of the earnings went straight to the One Fund charity. Images Images

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