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EC Crushin’

In the past week, a new page has emerged on Facebook labeled “EC Crushes.” The page is run is by an anonymous EC student and in only a week it has reached over 600 “likes.”

The page serves as an outlet for students who want to admit their anonymous crushes through a Google doc, which the page’s administrator then sifts through and posts students’ confessions.

There have been mixed reviews on the site so far, while some find it offensive, others believe it is all in good fun. Some students feel that a few of the more explicit posts border the line of harassment.

Above all, the site seems to affirm there is some EXTREME sexual frustration on campus.

With some better filtering of some overly descriptive sexual fantasies, the page seems to mostly harmless. There are actually some very sweet and genuine confessions on the page.

The page has become a conversation starter, and seems to be the most successful anonymous account on campus, though the page claims it isn’t affiliated with the college.

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