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Man With Gun Allegedly Spotted Lurking in the Fenway Area

Tuesday-at around 7:40 in the evening, Emmanuel’s Campus Security received a call from our neighbor Simmons with the report of a potential threat roaming nearby streets.

A Wentworth student, ten minutes prior to the call, reported seeing a man on Brookline Avenue allegedly carrying a handgun. The student described the man as white, approximately 30 years old with dark hair, glasses, and wearing a black trench coat. He was supposedly last seen heading towards the Fenway.

Simmons Police notified the Boston Police, who surveyed the area, but were unable to find the individual. An email from the Police was sent out to all Simmons girls at 9:46 pm the same night, reporting that “the call was unfounded”, implying there was not enough information to create real concern. The message closed with the assurance that “there was never a threat to the Simmons community”, and that the Police had extensively monitored the surrounding neighborhood and believed all to be calm.

So Emmanuel- take a deep sigh of relief. It’s going to be okay. However, if anyone spots a man similar to the one described, or notices any shady behavior, it is important to report it to campus security.

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