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ICYMI-Hazy Days at Hempfest

Weekend of the 14th and 15th- The Boston Commons swelled with thousands of people eager to celebrate the annual Freedom Rally, also known as ‘Hempfest’. The crowd was made up mostly of dreadlocked hippies, college students clad in marijuana tee shirts, and a few confused touring families. Though ‘legalize’ could be found written looped over pot leaves and activists shouted into microphones about the matter, the Boston Police kept a watchful eye. Just because there was talk of weed in the air, that didn’t mean they were about to let it start smelling like it.

Still, it was hard to miss the ever-growing cloud of smoke on the Common’s hill, created by groups of fest-goers sitting in circles. What exactly was the source of that smoke? We cannot say, but can probably assume.

You didn’t have to be into that sort of thing to enjoy Hempfest. Vendors lined pathways with food, food and more food. There were tents galore filled with bracelets and clothing to buy, a lot of it hand-made by the sellers themselves. Hula hoops were ready for anyone to swing around their hips, and local artists had their work laid out for passing-by eyes. All the while, live music swirled through the air.

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One Response to ICYMI-Hazy Days at Hempfest

  1. Karen Valentine

    October 12, 2013 at 10:03 am

    Nicely written. Was their music too? I wanted more,more, more…..