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Iced: Why Emmanuel Still Lacks a Club Hockey Team

Lauren White ‘16 had a difficult decision to make during her senior year of high school: follow her dreams and go to college far away to play hockey, or stay close to home, where hockey would not be an option.

“With Emmanuel’s enthusiasm and welcoming attitude to any new clubs (and) organizations, I was convinced I could … create a hockey club,” said White.

This was not new territory for White. While attending Lynnfield (MA) High School, she had pushed her athletic director to create a cooperative girls’ ice hockey team, and by her junior year, she was captaining the first Peabody Veterans Memorial High School girls’ ice hockey team, a cooperative team between the two schools.

When she arrived on campus the fall of her freshman year, White spoke to the Director of Student Activities, Dan Darcy, who gave her paperwork on how to start a club, including a signature sheet that needed 50 names in order to start the process.

White then took to her class’s Facebook page to gauge the interest of her peers. There was quite a bit. White posted the signature sheet outside her room and told people where it was.“I ended up receiving 192 signatures on that piece of paper,” she said.

It was the next step, however, when White, and a number of her peers before her, realized the deal breaker.

Ice time.

“Trying to secure ice time in Boston is far from easy, and it wouldn’t be cheap,” said Darcy. “Hockey people know it’s an expensive sport.”

Darcy also mentioned receiving financial approval from the Student Government Association has been difficult for petitioning clubs of all sorts, especially hockey, in the past. In 2006, Emmanuel had a women’s club ice hockey team for a semester, before fizzling due to a lack of funds and SGA support. The club skated at Boston University.

Among other difficulties involved with getting ice time at BU, a major issue would be getting students to and from the arena with their gear, added White.

“I do honestly feel that if enough people showed interest and came together and all put effort into starting a hockey program at Emmanuel, it would succeed,” said White. “I think a hockey program would thrive at Emmanuel and hopefully one can get started.”

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One Response to Iced: Why Emmanuel Still Lacks a Club Hockey Team

  1. Kitty

    October 22, 2013 at 1:39 am

    This is extremely well written. I hope to see more from you in the bear future. Best amateur sports writing I have seen in a long time.