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A New Crop of Freshman with Guest Privileges

First-year students who have been anxiously awaiting their opportunity to have guests stay over in their residence halls have finally been granted the ability to do so, following this past weekend’s completion of the process to earn guest privileges. The small gold sheets which many of you have probably seen around campus, which needed to be stamped when their requirements were completed, were due to be turned in to the various Resident Directors on September 30th.

The Hub sat down with GretchenRae “GRae” Callanta, Resident Director of St. Ann’s Hall, who explained that while the process to earn guest privileges has always been intensive, it is actually more lenient this year than in the past. There used to be more required of students, including a two-hour alcohol education program, on top of the numerous other requirements.

Students are currently required to participate in Welcome Week events, attend an RA program, attend their building meeting and complete a quiz, attend this year’s “How to Be a Saint” workshop, and complete an online alcohol assessment in order to earn guest privileges.

She included that the workshop the students are required to attend has been revamped in the three years she’s been here to target the importance of accountability for guests on campus.

“When I first came here, I was like guest privileges? What? But now that I’ve been here, they make sense,” Callanta offered. She, along with the other RD’s on campus, spent this past weekend sorting through paperwork and granting hundreds of students the guest privileges they have finally earned.

She added that she feels like most students are receptive to the requirements and that once the process is over, students are more likely to abide by the policy, since they worked so hard to gain the privileges that they don’t want to lose them afterwards. “We don’t want to waste students’ time, but we feel that the information is important,” she included.

The guest policy, which can be found in the student handbook, explains the specifics of what is expected of students once they earn privileges.  Students’ guest privileges are officially in effect as of this week and they will be able to have guests overnight on Friday and Saturday nights, using the online sign-in page provided for each hall.

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