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EC Faces: Kate Consavage ’15

Meet Kate Consavage ’15, EC’s newest recipient of the $10,000 Boren scholarship. The Boren scholarship is a U.S. federal government initiative to enhance the national security of the U.S. by increasing the national capacity to understand and interact effectively with foreign cultures and languages. Kate will use this scholarship to study public health in Brazil this upcoming spring semester from March to June.

Hometown: Derry, New Hampshire

Age: 20

Major: Biology with a concentration in Public Health

Kate became interested in biology and the field of public through her studies here at Emmanuel.  When asked what influenced her in choosing Brazil to study abroad she said, “Brazil has an up and coming public health system. In some ways, they are making strides the US has yet to make, and I think we could learn a lot from them.”

While there, Consavage hopes to get a better feel for her fit in the public health field and see what programs work well and if those programs could be implemented in the U.S.  She will live with a host family for the first four weeks while taking classes, and then she will travel with groups of doctors throughout the country. The last four weeks will be spent conducting an independent study. Consavage plans to study the lunches provided to children in school, in the hopes that access to healthy and nutritious lunches can be provided to all.

Although she is still in her junior year, Consavage is already making plans for after college. She plans to attend grad school to receive her Master’s in public health, and as part of the Boren scholarship program, she must commit to work within the federal government after graduation. She hopes to work for the FDA or the USDA.

Although she admits to being nervous Consavage says “I’m excited and I can’t wait. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

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