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Boston Stronger

Six months ago, Boston suffered a terrible tragedy at one of its oldest and most loved sporting traditions. After the Boston Marathon bombing, there was an outpouring of support and Boston pride. Half a year has passed since the awful events on Marathon Monday, but the support hasn’t faded at all. Watching the Red Sox win the American League Championship Series on October 19 exhibited the strength of Boston and the pride its people feel for the city.

The Red Sox played five intense games against the Detroit Tigers before returning to Boston to win the championship in their own city. When Koji Uehara struck out the last Tigers’ batter at the top of the ninth, Boston burst into celebration. News cameras rushed the field to interview the players. When interviewers asked Shane Victorino, who hit the game winning Grand Slam, what was going through his mind right after the win, one of the first things he said was, “Boston. Boston Strong”, referencing the phrase that was created after the attacks at the marathon.

When David Ortiz was interviewed by Fox Sports, he stated, “This is our (bleep) city”. This statement references the more explicit version of that phrase which he declared to fans at Fenway last April during a speech in a pre-game ceremony that honored the victims of the attacks as well as law enforcement officials, first responders, and those involved in the race. Fans loved hearing their favorite players reference phrases that supported Boston.

The Red Sox game represented an important moment for Boston. It was one of the biggest sporting events in Boston since the Marathon. Crowds gathered all throughout the city to enjoy the game. Despite the excitement, Boston didn’t forget to recognize the terrible events that transpired last April. The players had just experienced a hugely exciting win, but they made certain to pay tribute to April’s tragic events. These references to Boston’s strength were greeted with an extremely positive reaction from fans, and this exhibits the sense of pride that has grown within the city since the attacks on Marathon Monday. The Red Sox’s acknowledgement of the attacks as well as the fan’s warm reception to their support demonstrates the city’s ability to move on while still recognizing the impact of the tragedy.

Although the tragic events of Marathon Monday deeply affected the city, Boston, as its mantra “Boston Strong” proves, is a resilient city. The reactions to the Red Sox ALCS win reflected the pride and support for Boston that has grown since the fateful events at the Boston Marathon.

Jordan Gosselin is a staff writer for The Hub and can be reached at

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