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Groovin’ Along to Boston’s Lively Beating Heart.

If you’ve ever walked on Avenue Louis Pasteur towards Children’s Hospital, you may have noticed a large red heart, attached to metal pole. This seemingly random red heart is actually part of the plan to make Boston a livelier and engaging place to be.

“Pulse of the City” came to be by artist George Zisiadis. You simply place both hands on the silver handles on the side of the heart. The device measures your heartbeat and converts that rhythm into a piece of music with the same beat as your heart. Neat right?

I headed over to Avenue Louis Pasteur to check out the beating heart in person. Sure enough, each person had a tune that was unique and personalized. I then decided to conduct an experiment. I asked a friend to run up and down the block and place both hands on the heart. The song that played was much faster than the first song which played for him, because of his increased heartbeat.  This clever means of making Boston even greater came out of San Francisco’s Urban Prototyping Festival, which works on improving the quality of some of America’s greatest and dearest cities. Currently there are five of these quirky pieces of art throughout the city, and they can be found at these various locations.

Downtown: Christopher Columbus Park

Longwood: Avenue Louis Pasteur at Longwood Avenue

East Boston: Maverick Square

Roxbury: Reggie Lewis Athletic Center, at the sidewalk along Malcolm X. Boulevard

Dorchester: Ashmont Station

Ashly Uss is Staffer for the Hub. She can be reached at or @ashlyuss on Twitter. 

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