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SGA Meeting 10/29: Model UN, Service at Emmanuel, and Constitutional Amendments


Boston- The SGA meeting began with a presentation from the Model United Nations Club (ECMUNC) about their recent participation in Boston Area Model United Nations Conference (BarMUN). ECMUNC sent 16 delegates to compete at Boston University for the weekend.

The delegates were mainly new club members so they could be introduced to how a conference is run and get a feel for what is expected of delegates. Two of Emmanuel’s delegates received awards and the club considered the conference a success.

Father John Spencer spoke about service programs at Emmanuel. He wants to work with the SGA to find out what students want in terms of their spirituality and faith experience on campus. He expressed his desire for the SGA to help canvas students and find out what types of programs they want and need.

A few representatives of Emmanuel, students included, attended a conference in Worcester about smoking on college campuses. The next step in this process will be the formation of a college task force to look at the idea of transitioning to being a smoke free campus and how it would be done.

Emmanuel has been invited to participate in a Boston Think Tank Saturday, November 9. Interested volunteers should contact the SGA if they would like to represent Emmanuel at this event. There are still some spots available.

The last order of business was voting to amend the SGA constitution. The amendments on the table both addressed whether or not SGA members should be able to represent other clubs they are members of when asking the SGA for special funding and budgetary matters.

Members spoke both for and against the amendments. Some members thought that being on the SGA and asking for special funding for a different club would create conflict and hard feelings within the SGA. Others believed that it was not an issue at all. Members of the SGA were elected by their peers to represent them and be unbiased at all times. Others thought it was unfair to impede students’ abilities to perform all duties required by their other leadership position on campus.

After lengthy debate, the amendments not allowing SGA members to represent a club that is special funding passed. The changes will be posted outside the SGA office for two weeks and then be voted on again before they are made official.

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