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SGA Meeting: November 12, 2013: Model UN, Bon Appetit, and Amendments



On Tuesday, November 12th, the SGA meeting began with a presentation by Model United Nations talking about their participation in Northeastern’s Northeast Regional Model Arab League. The club sent newer members to get them accustomed to how conferences work.

Model UN did extremely well with two delegates receiving Outstanding Delegate awards and five receiving Honorable Mentions. Most of Emmanuel’s delegates formed the Delegation of Yemen and received Honorable Mention. ┬áModel UN is now preparing for their most competitive conference this semester hosted by the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

Dan Darcey congratulated Model UN on their achievements and also thanked them for coming and speaking to the SGA about their progress as a club. He expressed his desire for other clubs to follow suit and keep the SGA updated as to how they are doing throughout the year.

Executive Chef, Carl Marchione, came to represent Bon Appetit for the second time this semester. The students acknowledged his effort to address the issues they had brought up last time he spoke to the SGA. Marchione then took even more questions and suggestions from students.

One student mentioned that the grilled chicken looked pink and assumed it was undercooked. Marchione assured he would make sure his staff was cooking the chicken to the right temperature but also explained that one of the ingredients they marinate the chicken in is white wine vinegar. When cooked, the chicken takes on a pinkish color because of the vinegar and it’s not undercooked.

The special funding budget at the start of the meeting was $43,502.72.

Acapocalypse was granted their special funding request of $460 for complimentary refreshments for their fall showcase. The Association of Countries, Cultures, Events, Nations and Traditions (ACCENT) was granted their request for $400 to pay for a caterer for the multi-cultural Thanksgiving dinner.

The amendments to the Constitution that were approved two weeks ago were brought before the SGA again for final approval. Upon discussion, it was clear that members were still in disagreement about whether or not SGA members should be able to special fund for other clubs they are executive board members for.

Strong arguments were made for both sides until someone suggested to ask the student body what they thought about the matter. It was mentioned that the student body was given their chance to react to the amendments for the two weeks they were posted outside the SGA office. The motion to table the amendments until next week was passed with a stipulation that the SGA will reach out to the executive boards of the clubs on campus, the students who understand the process and are a part of it themselves, to hear their opinions about the matter.

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