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SGA 11/19: Tobacco-Free Campus, Class Updates and Amendments

The SGA meeting began with two guest speakers; Dean of Students, Dr. Joe, and student, Elaria Meshreky ’14, spoke about the smoke-free/tobacco-free symposium they attended in Worcester. The symposium was attended by 35 Massachusetts colleges and universities, reflecting the trend that more and more campuses are becoming smoke and tobacco free.

There are two main reasons behind the movement: health concerns and aesthetic reasons. The major concerns Emmanuel has with the idea are the rights of smokers on campus and how they will go about enforcing the new policy.

In order to make sure these and all other concerns are considered, Emmanuel is creating a task force to talk about the effects of this policy. How the task force is being created has not yet been determined, but students are more than welcome and encouraged to participate on the panel. The administration wants all parties, smokers, non-smokers and tobacco users to be a part of the discussion.

Once the panel is formed and has had some time to discuss the matter, they will have open forums to discuss the issue with the greater student body. The SGA endorsed the formation of this task force. If you want to get involved and make sure your opinion is heard, look out for notifications or talk to Dr. Joe.

The special funding budget at the start of the meeting was $42,642.72. H.U.E.L.L.A.S. put in a special funding request for $300 to spend on food for the multi-cultural dinner they are co-sponsoring with the BSU and ACCENT and it was approved.

Juniors should e-mail any fundraising ideas to their class officers. Fundraising is going to be focused on raising money for Senior Week.

Sophomores should look for a poll to vote for the speaker at the Sophomore Pinning next semester.

The freshmen class officers are working on a class-wide event to take place next semester.

The SGA came back to the discussion about the amendments to the Constitution that don’t allow SGA members to represent other clubs they hold executive positions for when dealing with any budgetary matter.

Phillipe Miranda, Executive Director of Club Relations, reported what some of the presidents of other clubs on campus thought.┬áTheir opinions were split just as the SGA’s were. One thought it would be biased, another believed the SGA would be impartial because that’s why they were voted to the position, and one thought it was unfair and restricting to someone voted to an executive board to be the treasurer and deal with all budgetary issues. After much discussion, the SGA unanimously approved the amendments.

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