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College Co-ed Seeks Sugar Daddy

Honora Clemmey ’16, a poli-sci major with a high GPA is looking forward to a fall internship and dreams of one day being a college professor. She is also gorgeous. A tall, freckled faced, curvaceous brunette, Clemmey turns heads whenever she walks into a room. And she might be about to cash in on those good looks to help cover tuition and living expenses.

Clemmey is one of many turning to the website, and joining the ranks of other college women twerkin’ for a Birkin.

With the rising threat of being swallowed by post-college student loan debt, more and more millennials are finding themselves strapped for cash in a less than promising job market. With no fairy god mother in sight for a financial quick-fix, college co-eds are looking for the next best thing; a sugar daddy. College age women have been hitting the web in droves to find sugar daddies to pay for their needs.

“I signed up as a joke, but also out of curiosity. I’m still somewhat standoffish about it. I see the benefits of girls who want to take it further and date but I don’t know if I could do it myself,” says Clemmey.

SeekingArrangement connects wealthy sugar daddies with young attractive females looking for “mutually beneficial relationships.” In four easy steps sugar babies can create an online profile for free.  This profile includes a picture, a description of their hobbies and interests and what they are expecting out of the arrangement. Sugar daddies pay a monthly fee of $50 to belong to the site. Daddies can also submit a credit check, which the site uses to ensure their financial status, thus listing the Daddy as a “diamond member.” Through the site, users can email and “wink” at one another to show that their interested and make plans for future contact.

Not wanting to use her real name, Clemmey went by the name of Sofie, and posted a blurred out profile picture of herself.  She received several winks, two favorites and one email, but all from men outside of her desired area code. Clemmey ultimately decided the website was not for her and deleted her account.

While the idea of getting cash for school and lots of designer goods may sound enticing, these perks come at a price. It appears many of the users are older gentleman looking for physical relationships, not companionship. According to their profiles, some daddies are even married.  The concept of sugar babies is often labeled a taboo, and critics argue that sugar babies walk a thin line bordering on prostitution, and in certain cases, some serious potential home-wrecking. Despite the cultural taboos toward the sugar baby/sugar daddy relationship, the statistics from SeekingArrangment’s site found there was a 58 percent increase in college co-ed sign ups last year, and 44 percent of sites babies are enrolled in college.

Ashleigh DeRosa ’16 says “I understand the appeal because both parties are honest about what they’re getting into money wise. I probably wouldn’t go there looking for genuine feelings but I don’t have a problem with people looking for easy money.”

Kyla Burke ’16 is staff writer for the Hub and can be reached via email at or via twitter @kkb_

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