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Changes to Printing System Begin Early February

On February 10th, a new change is coming to Emmanuel: the addition of new printers around campus. Instead of only four printers in the library, IT is adding 23 across campus. Now there will be six in the library, 10 between the Administration Building and Wilkens Science Center, two in the JYC, and several in each dorm building.

“We are very excited to be able to provide such a profound upgrade to student print and imaging services,” said Alfred Osward, the director of IT services and support. “Increases in print locations and available functionality for the student body has been a top priority of this project.”

These new additions will allow for easier access to printing for students. Now, when you finish writing your paper at three in the morning, you can print it in the dorm rather than rushing to print it before class. The update also includes faxing and color printing in certain locations.

A new quota will also be set for the new printing system. Students will be given $35 in printing credits, allowing students to use 75% of their printing for black and white, which comes to about 656 pages, and 25% for color printing, which comes to about 35 pages. These numbers will vary based on the color to black and white ratio.

Beginning in December of 2012, the current printing system was reviewed and in the spring of 2013, the printing on campus was tracked in order to apply a reasonable quota. It was found that Emmanuel prints a whooping 700,000 pages per semester. This came to be an average of 350 pages per student.

“We are confident that the quota amount of an estimated 700 pages per semester, which is highest in the COF, will ensure free printing for the vast majority of our student community,” said Osward.  “We will be analyzing the amount provided on a semester-by-semester basis to meet changes in print need.”

The system uses Follow Me Printing that sets up your own personal queue that can be printed on any printer on campus. The new system also boasts a new website where you can track how many pages you’ve printed, how many pages you have left, and even your environmental impact.

On this website, there are maps of what each printer can do in regards to color printing versus black and white. IT has been holding training sessions to teach students about the new printing system and how to use it. Through these demonstrations, IT hopes to inform students on how easy this system really is.

Some students have expressed concerned that the quota limit will not be enough to handle the amount of printing required in some classes. There are professors who require lengthy articles to be printed for class, sometimes totaling 40 or 50 pages. The IT department is confident, however, that there will be no problem concerning the quota in regards to such classes.

Also, many students are concerned about where the money for printing is coming from. The IT department estimates that with this new printing system, the amount of money the college spends will actually decrease. They hope to see a decrease of about 30 percent in printing because of this quota, though it will most likely be around 10 percent. The printing on campus will be more eco-friendly now because it will use less toner, electricity, and in the long run, create less carbon.

“As with every change of this magnitude, feedback is critical to identify issues during and after the implementation,” said Osward. “I’d ask that all students partner with us by communicating your experience to while you utilize our new services.”

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