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Sochi Soars at Opening Ceremony

On Friday, February 7th, the 22nd Olympic Winter Games kicked off in Sochi, Russia. The opening ceremony was held in the Fisht Stadium. Beautiful choreography, the brilliance of new technologies, and the rhythm of the dancers and performers proved Russia would certainly deliver for these games. 

At the beginning of the ceremony Olympic rings were being put into place transforming from snowflakes to the rings themselves. However, a minor glitch occurred when the fifth ring malfunctioned, making the iconic Olympic symbol incomplete. Apart from this, the two and a half hour performance continued without any more trouble.

As the world tuned in, the teams from 87 countries paraded in style in order of the Russian alphabet of Cyrillic. Russia remained at the center with each letter represented an important entity or figure of Russia. After, the Russian national anthem was sung by the Sretensky Monastic Choir.

When all of the athletes had settled in the stadium, the history of Russia was presented, depicting the waves of change of Russia’s long history.  White horses 220 feet long and 80 feet wide started this performance by galloping down the stadium in midair, representing the lost souls of Russia and the rise of hope.  The historical representation also included Imperialism and the building of the Russian Orthodox Church. The iconic symbols of the Sickle and the Hammer and famous Moscow churches and buildings were also represented as well the ballroom scene from Tolstoy’s War and Peace.

Some other highlights of the night’s performance include :

  • The little girl representing the “Soul of Sochi”.
  • Russian Revolution performers dressed in red and black representing the communist society.
  • The famous train, a symbol of the expansion of Russia and the Revolution.
  • The Rise and Fall of Soviet Union leading into World War I and II.
  • The wired figures of the “Gods of the Games”, symbolizing all of the winter games.
  • Sputnik and Space Race performers.
  • The Russian ballet uniquely performing as the Dove of Peace, an Olympic tradition (pictured).
  • The welcoming address.
  • Renowned opera singer Anna Nebtreko singing the Olympic anthem.
  • President Vladimir Putin officially opening the 2014 Winter Olympic Games.

As the ceremony continued, Sochi had the longest torch relay in the history of the games. Sochi native Maria Sharapova started the Olympic torch lighting ceremony. She then continued with other torch bearers who passed it onto the last lighters, figure skater Irina Rodnina and hockey goalie Vladislav Tretiak. Once the torch ignited, the cauldron filled up and sent out the fireworks display, officially ending coverage of the opening ceremony.

The colorful characters of Russia and mesmerizing visuals made it feel as though you had stepped into a dream and kept the world

Keep watching for continuous coverage for the Sochi Olympic Games here. Go USA!

Colleen Moriaty is a Staff Writer and secretary for the Hub. She can be reached at or on Twitter: @ColleenMoriaty 

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