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EC Faces: Freshman DJ Cameron Reed


Most of EC turns to Miley and Avicii for their weekend nights’ soundtrack, but “Twerkin Tunes” for a similar audience can be found mixed by a local DJ…A DJ so local, he lives on the second floor of Loretto.

Meet Cameron Reed, an Emmanuel freshman from Maine who is a Political Science major by day, and aspiring DJ by night. Under the name 2Reflect, you can hear his mixes on the popular music launcher SoundCloud. Though he meekly claims his tracks are “nothing special”, they are quite impressive. Cam describes his sound as  a mix of Trap, Moombahton, House, and Future Bass music, and takes inspiration from electronic artists such as Diplo, Dillon Francis, and “whoever on Youtube”.

Where does one even hear of a genre like Moombahton? Apparently, it all started for Cam his sophomore year of high school, when he was introduced to electronic music, and artists such as Ta-Ku, DJ Sleeper, DJ Carnage, and Cosmos Midnight. As he entered his junior year, he was inspired by other young DJs on social media to purchase a “crappy DJ controller, and start experimenting”. It’s not just pressing buttons and messing around for Cam. It takes knowledge of music theory to accurately combine and blend different tracks into one smooth sounding song.

Besides his SoundCloud, Reed will soon be accessible to all ears on EC Radio, Fridays at 7. If you’re looking to expand your music palate at all, give the electronic Saint a listen.

Kelly Anderson is of the class of 2017 and a part of the writing Staff for EC The Hub. She can be contacted at 

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