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New Journalism Professor, Teaching “appreciation for the written word.”

Jennifer Paluzzi is the newest addition to the English department here at Emmanuel College. Professor Paluzzi is teaching two classes this semester: Intro. to Journalism and Writing for Electronic Media. She says she is very excited to be working with journalism students for the very first time.

“I’ve been in journalism for 20 years and I’ve seen a lot of changes. I want to show them how to survive in journalism. I’d like to teach people how to swim instead of doggy paddle.”

Paluzzi is currently a Digital Editor at The Lowell Sun. Before that, she was the Editor-in-Chief of a small hyperlocal news organization, which was later sold to The Daily Voice. Coming into teaching in the middle of her career, she is excited to show her students what she’s learned and how to prepare for their own careers.

Paluzzi is new to teaching and had to prepare quickly.

“It’s kind of nerve-racking,” she said. “I had to throw a syllabus together in a week, having never taught before.

Paluzzi admits that she came by the job opening here at EC kind of by accident.

“A friend asked [me] on Linked-In if I knew anyone who would be interested in teaching at Emmanuel College, and I said I would! I’d never applied for a professor job.”

When asked about her first impression of Emmanuel College, she laughed a bit before explaining, “I went to BU; it’s small! But it’s nice to be on a campus that’s a campus. It’s nice and enclosed.” She then quickly added, “And I like my students. It’s interesting because I’ve been a guest speaker at colleges and high schools, and it’s nice to be talking to students who have an actual interest in the subject.”

Professor Paluzzi is eager to share with students how the industry has changed, and what they can do in journalism. It’s not just about the newspaper article anymore.

“What I’m teaching in both classes is that journalism is going through a giant change, and you need to think about other aspects of the industry,” she said. “I want to show them you can do this on your own. I want them to leave with a portfolio so they can show their work to an editor who might hire them.”

She adds, “teaching journalism is not like teaching from books; you’re teaching appreciation for the written word, and how it works in real life.”

Professor Paluzzi is certainly preparing her students for life after EC, whether it be a career in journalism or just an “appreciation for the written word.” Either way, Professor Paluzzi has a lot to share and students have a lot to learn.

Lily Welch is a staff writer for The Hub and can be reached

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