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Do Svidanyia Sochi, Goodbye Sochi

As the 2014 Winter Olympic Games came to a close, we look back on all the highlights of the games and reflect upon the true meaning of the games. On Sunday February 23rd, the closing ceremony and the parade of nations were held in Fisht stadium with 2,800 athletes united. Themes included celebrating Russia’s history through art, literature and music Sochi presented a beautiful closing.

The ceremony began with a Faberge egg attached to a sailboat that sailed through the air and into the arena. The sky and the sea were featured, representing the changes in Russia’s history and through time. On the boat were 2 clowns, representing the hero and showcasing the Soviet past. Alongside them, angels descended down by wire and moved around the boat. Below the airborne actors were performers dressed as waves with shimmering silver costumes that  transformed into the Olympic rings. The fifth ring never fully opening at the opening ceremony was recreated here to make fun of the technical difficulty.

Following the beautiful opening, the parade of nations came in with each country’s flag bearer to start off the procession. The flag bearer for the United States was women’s hockey player Julie Chu. After the athletes moved in, the Russian Federation Children’s Coir performed the national anthem of the Russian Federation. Audiences were then greeted with a live performance of the best of the best of Russian culture. First was a live representation of the Marc Chagall painting with the village upside and propelled by wire and acrobats hanging off of it. Below them were performers on stilts and even a violinist.

A surreal and beautiful scene came next with a depiction of the famous Russian ballets. Both the Mariinsky and the Bolshoi theaters of Russian came together to deliver beautiful ballets and combined both their chandeliers to make a cohesive statement the performances showcasing director Sergei Diaghilev best pieces. As the dancers moved out, the writers came in with giant portraits of Tolstoy, Gogol, Dostoevsky, and Solzhenitsyn popping up. Surrounding the portraits were people throwing around books and type writers and typing up the stories to show how written work during some times was censored.

Afterwards the Mayor of Sochi, the ninth president of the International Olympic Committee Thomas Bach, and Mayor of Pyeong Chang South Korea passed along the Olympic flag to symbolize the end of the 2014 winter games and to welcome the upcoming 2018 games. Following the transfer, two children from South Korea sang the International Olympic anthem and Thomas Bach officially closed the winter games.

Following it was a beautiful presentation of Pyeong Chang for the 2018 winter Olympic Games. They showcased their culture and country through video and musical presentation.

Moving back into celebration, giant mirrors were moved around the arena with the delegated Russian children from opening ceremony running alongside it. The mirrors were an open representation of the changes to come in the future, a reflection of the games, and the past.  Giant animatronic mascots, the Bear, Hare and Snow Leopard, came out to play alongside the children. The giant bear named Mischa moved up to a flaming cauldron and blew out it out, which then turned off the official torch of the Sochi games. This symbolized the close of Sochi 2014. After the torch went out, a giant tear rolled down the bear’s face.

In the end of the ceremony, the children of Russia came out dressed at daisies and sang along with opera singer who came in on the Faberge egg boat with the Olympic children. It all ended with fireworks.

Here’s are the final medal counts:
Russia: 33
United States: 28
Norway: 26
Canada: 25
Netherlands: 24
Germany: 19
Austria: 17
France: 15
Sweden: 15
Switzerland: 11

The next Winter Games will be in Pyeong Chang, South Korea in 2018.

Do svidanyia Sochi and hello Pyeong Chang!

Colleen Moriaty is a staff writer and secretary for the Hub she can be reached at or on Twitter @ColleenMoriaty

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