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Robin Thicke Protest at BU– Too Far or Just Enough?

What really creates the controversy around Robin Thicke’s song “Blurred Lines”? Is it the lyrics that celebrate having sex with women against their will or the objectification of women in the corresponding music video? Or is it simply the desire to argue about something?

This is not a new concept, for years women have been objectified in music.

Caroline Lussier ‘17 agrees, stating, “I’m surprised to see people making an example out of him. There are plenty of other artists guilty of this that are completely looked over.”

Lussier has a point; in every genre there are artists who objectify women.

George Kruglyanskiy ’17 is of this opinion as well. He believes “the song is catchy and fun to listen to” but he feels “like people are taking this way too far. Yes, the content of the lyrics is questionable but there are far worse songs out there.”

These are both valid points. Our society is littered with artists who, unknowingly or not, objectify women. This is not to say however, that the issue should not be addressed whenever possible if any change is to come.

Students at Boston University are doing just this. They have organized a petition via and have received thousands of signatures telling their school to cancel Thicke’s performance at the Agganis Arena that is slated to take place tomorrow, March 4th. Students at BU believe that “having Thicke perform is a political statement that is out of touch with the realities of sexual violence and Boston University’s own history” of feminism.

Patrick Johnson, the organizer of this movement, holds a strong position against Thicke. He believes that “by having him [Thicke] perform we are reaffirming rape culture and if we want to support women and better feminists we need to stop this from continuing.”

Tomorrow there will be a protest at the Agganis Arena in regards to Robin Thicke performing there. According to the Facebook group, all who wish to attend will meet at 5:30 on the corner of Commonwealth Ave and Agganis Way. From there, posters will be made and a peaceful protest will ensue. As of now, 94 students have joined the event.

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