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Elderly Youth

If you want to see the sun come up, you must walk in the dark.
So on my two left feet,
Trying to walk right
With so much to learn, and so much time…

I am happy to say
I’m happy to say I can be happy to say, you see.
Because, to complain, you must have a voice able to rise and leave
The mouth on your face
That is alive with feeling.
No handicap, no physical ailments,
So, certain complaints insult the universe
Which does its best to give what you reflect.

Walking in the dark isn’t trouble to me
Seeing many hues of human on many dark streets
From the eastern sun
To its western setting fall
Why complain when the most admirable of life is silent, standing tall.
Whether it be the elegant elm,
The shining waterfall
Or the wise elephant
Try to mimic nature’s truest
Teachers of lessons most often missed.

Come my friends
Tis not too late to seek a newer world.
Where waves of grass and water
Welcome sailors to foreign shores.
Love your shadow, as esteem is to love your reflection
And may many minds find you
For matching sentiments
In grateful presence.

But if not, no fear should be allowed
Dance in the music, that comes from the drum of the dark cloud
Run in the rain that has seen so many generations
Of animals and humankind
Before humankind wasn’t animal
Before peace became ancient.

Have respect for who stands in the mirror
And love those who greet you by their door.
Have respect for the reflection in the pond
And love those you see out your window

Difference is a gift
Though we are more the same than adrift
Fear is not allowed in seeing those not your kind
Welcome them as the light welcomed you
As darkness met the sunrise

By: A. Alvarez Compere

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