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Untitled Intimate

This novel is forever intimate
As unsearched paths of mind meet synthesis
Of unconditional love authentic
And desire to pay love forward that’s relentless.

At times I’ve given up
Passion dismissed from my face
Then regret arose
As my truest love was traced
From my first steps
To all I’ve embraced
You are the aesthetic
Which I’ll never disgrace
I will nurture you until my debt is erased

If it was not for these bars
Maybe I’d know bars
That seal lives our neighbors raised
So I’m behind bars every day
Jailed in the reality I know is fake

They don’t want to see you smile
Said my mind to my face
Never run from man
Said my brain as feet scraped
This path unfairly paved
That is a faulty canvas for this place
That few really know
Can be affected by our change

Put your hands to your eyes
Said my mind to my arms
Knee bend to The Lord
Who has omniscient grace
Simply enjoy the warmth
That serenades your frame.
Your silhouette that contains
The black that is your fate
Black isn’t evil
It is everything and all
That shine doesn’t fray
As the moon befriends the dark
And flowers befriend may

If you consider yin and yang
Consider life gray
As the blended artists paint
That seeps from the brush
That escapes stress taint.
Stone and sword shatter bone
Though the spirit never breaks…

By: A. Alvarez Compere

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