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Mike Valanzola ’07 Seeks State Senate Seat



Alum Mike Valanzola ’07, Wales native, is currently running for the Massachusetts State Senate.

Valanzola says his time at Emmanuel greatly influenced his decision to run for Senate. While he was here, he studied Political Science and English Communications, as well as participated in a number of student organizations.

Valanzola also credits the supportive faculty and staff here at EC for pushing him to achieve his dreams of participating in the political system.  Specifically, he cites Dr. Marie Natoli, Professor of Political Science and his former advisor, with the most influence on his time at EC. She instilled a strong relationship full of support as well as healthy debate. Natoli encouraged him to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities – and he did. Valanzola was the President of the Student Government Association, President of his class, founded the Republican Club, was a member of the Political Forum as well as the Theatre Guild, and headed the class gifts committee for the senior class gift.

When asked if he would have done anything differently with his time here at Emmanuel, Valanzola simply wished that he had time to study abroad. That wasn’t in the cards for him at the time, he says, but does not see it as a regret.

He enjoyed his time here, and offers advice to students also looking into the field of politics. He encourages these students to take as many opportunities as they can in the field of politics, though this can apply to any major really. In his experience, working for campaigns and participating in internships at the state house gave Valanzola an insight into the world of politics. Valanzola also says that students won’t often hear ‘no’ when offering assistance in campaigns, so they should not be afraid to get involved.

Being a relatively recent college grade – only seven years ago, he is still attune to the issues facing college students. Education is an important issue to him, especially on the collegiate level. A product of public education himself, Valanzola aims to fund this area to better prepare kids for college. Nothing, however, can prepare them for the rising costs of college tuition. Emmanuel’s tuition recently faced an increase of 2.76% in the coming year. Valanzola hopes to reduce operational costs at state schools, allowing more students to attend. This aid would not extend to private schools, like EC, but would allow more students the opportunity to attend state schools rather than public schools, which they often cannot afford.

Valanzola will appear on the ballot for State Senate on the 4th of November this year.

Abbi Matheson is a Staff Writer for The Hub.

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