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4 Reasons to Rock the (Emmanuel SGA) Vote

Next Wednesday, March 26th, election packets for the Emmanuel College Student Government Association will be released. But, let’s be honest here, most of you probably didn’t know that. It seems that everyone has an opinion about the SGA—most of them involving words like “windbag” and “I didn’t know there was Straight-Gay-Alliance on campus.” But fewer and fewer students take the opportunity to be proactive about who is representing the student body. The election packets are due on April 4th and here are four reasons why you should participate:

4. Too many people run unopposed

            Just imagine if Michelle Bachmann runs in the 2016 presidential race and no one opposes her. My faith in the Emmanuel College admissions department is great enough to hope that we have zero Bachmanns on campus but there are still plenty of students running unopposed in the SGA elections every year. Get involved!

3. More constructive distraction than Buzzfeed

            Okay, so you’re a student and you have essays to write and people to meet and emails from Sallie Mae to cry about. But you also devote 87% of your day to cyber-stalking your seventh grade ex and taking quizzes about which character from Clarissa Explains It All!  you would be. At least indulge in distractions that are constructive. Vote!

2. Be the change you want to see (in the cafeteria)

            In more than ways than one, the SGA directly effects change at Emmanuel College. Clubs, organizations, and student representation all fall underneath their jurisdiction. Vote for representatives who you will trust will represent you well. Or at least vote for people who will finally get endless quantities of sour cream available in the cafeteria. The time is now!

1. They’re spending your money

One of the biggest grumbles about the SGA is their yearly budget. Regardless of your opinion, it won’t change anytime soon. So make the most of it by voting for representatives you support and trust and hold them accountable. Attend their meetings every Tuesday at 12:15 in WSC 110 to see how they are spending your tuition money. You owe it to your student loan debt.

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