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For Good Measure Gears Up for Next Competition

It’s been an exciting semester so far for Emmanuel’s A Capella group, For Good Measure. The group came in first place at the quarterfinals of the ICCA’s at Berklee College of Music in February and will be moving on to the semifinals later this month.

The Hub sat down with Sarah Faulkner ’15, Gabriella Steffenberg ’16, Rebecca Sailer ’14, and Kory Muscato ’15 to hear more about the competition.

The girls explained that there are eleven groups performing at the semifinals and that the top two will proceed. There will also be the ability to compete for a wild card spot.

We asked how everyone was feeling about the win and their advancement in the competition and Steffenberg explained that she’s “never had the chance to perform where John Mayer has performed” and that everyone is “really excited about it.”

All four members of the group agreed that they were honored to be performing among the groups that have made it to this next round.

“It’s chance to really show people who take a capella seriously what we can do,” said Sailer.

For Good Measure includes eighteen Emmanuel students of all different class years. When asked about the friendships within the group Muscato said “We’re so fortunate to have everyone work together so well and so honestly. It’s like a family.”

Led by coach Shams Ahmed, a graduate of Northeastern and a part of the Noreasters A Capella group, who won the ICCA’s himself, Faulkner said that the girls felt like Ahmed was responsible for their growth as a group and that he brought out the best in them.

When asked about wardrobe and appearance for the performances, Sailer explained that “We’re trying to find more of our own flavor and really inject that into our set.”

She continued by describing that there is a more masculine feel to some outfits and the others have a more feminine tone to them and they’d like to make a clearer contrast between the two.

They are allowed a maximum twelve-minute set and will be performing the same one that was featured in their February performance, consisting of songs by artists like Miley Cyrus and Lana Del Rey.

The semifinals will take place on March 29th and if you’d like to support For Good Measure, tickets can be purchased for $25 at

However, if you can’t make it to the competition, the group will perform in the Library Lecture Hall from 8-9 PM on March 27th and it will be open to everyone on campus. They will be including a time for comments at the end of the performance, so that they can get feedback prior to the competition.




Photo: Sarah Faulkner



Chelsea McDonnell is a staff writer for the Hub! She can be reached at Follow her on Twitter @chelsea_lynn_!

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