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Meet Alexa Simeone, EC’s Director of New Student Engagement & Transition

Alexa (R) with Kevin Farrell (L) at EC's Dance Marathon on March 23. Photo courtesy: Alexa Simeone

Alexa (R) with Kevin Farrell (L) at EC’s Dance Marathon on March 23.
Photo courtesy: Alexa Simeone

There’s a new addition to the Emmanuel clan! Her name is Alexa Simeone, and she is the new Director of New Student Engagement & Transition, replacing Kelly Dunn.

Simeone said she is excited to be a part of Emmanuel, and that the the school’s size, environment, and “organic collaboration between people here is a good fit for me”.

Before Emmanuel, Simeone has worked at many other colleges and universities, such as Belmont in Nashville, University of Scranton, and most recently our neighbor, Suffolk University. As an undergraduate, she studied at Holy Cross and graduated in 2003, which she explained had a similar feel as Emmanuel. Both are small, private Catholic schools, so returning to one feels just right.

“I had sort of a reverse homesickness,” Simeone confessed about her own first year experience. “I rarely called home. Your first year, you find that you can reinvent yourself, and shape yourself, and I sort of got caught up in that. But then it hit me that the friends I made weren’t perfect, and I had to figure out-if I’m not happy, what can I change?”.

That’s when she decided to take up a leadership position at her school, similar to our OL and SAGE programs at Emmanuel. And that is her greatest piece of advice for those starting out somewhere new- “get involved, don’t stay in your room. ” Like a new student herself, Alexa is hoping for her first six months here to observe, learn, and take it in all she can.

Kelly Anderson ’17 is a staff writer for The Hub. She can be contacted at

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