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EC Dance Marathon Raises Record Amount of Money

On Saturday March 22 to Sunday March 23 Emmanuel College Dance Marathon shimmied and shook up the Jean Yawkey Center. The dancers and volunteers spent twelve hours of dancing and moving to help raise money for the Boston Children’s Miracle Network. The marathon began at 10pm on March 22 and ended at 10 am on March 23.

The night began with activities, writing messages to the kids and their families, raffles and purchasing t-shirts to help support the cause. The night then officially kicked off with a performance from a dance crew called Street Hype getting the crowd pumped for a long night of dancing.

Dancers and volunteers continued the fun with glow-sticks and by turning off the lights for the dance party. Throughout the night dancers were encouraged to keep moving to help support the Children’s Miracle Network. At each hour on the hour the dancers learned and performed a “morale” dance which symbolized to “move for those who can’t stand.” The dance included songs from Katy Perry, The Lion King, One Direction and so forth.

On Sunday, after performances from Skyler and Wacky Chad, the presentations and stories began.

Through tears and passion, one of the dancers, Mary Stathos ’16, shared her story of her sister Grace. Grace had been admitted to Boston Children’s Hospital for anxiety and depression after a suicide attempt.  Through Wednesday Family Nights Grace was able to connect to her family.

“Boston Children’s Hospital made room for her second visit when it was full,” Stathos said. “She’s doing a lot better now and performs with her band. Boston Children’s hospital helped her.”

Kevin Farrell and Alyssa Lynch the coordinators and advisers to the Dance marathon gave a thank you speech to all the families and dancers. The families then stepped forward to share their stories.

After the stories, Dance Marathon Chairs Garrett Charette and Tyler Poquette presented their executive board to come forward and to help announce the amount raised. Kevin then presented the numbers raised by having each exec member flip over the boards to reveal the number. The number was a whopping $67, 700. 13. When the crowd shouted out the numbers tears flooded the gym floor. The goal was to get to $42,000. Now, in three years of Dance Marathon at Emmanuel College, the cumulative amount raised was $ 127, 540.22.

Afterwards everyone in the gym made a circle called the Circle of Hope and the children went around cutting the hospital bracelets off of the dancers and volunteers that were given the night before, to the song Hold On to symbolize the recovery and hope. So here’s to the kids who make us proud every single day and thank you to all of you who shared your stories of struggle and hope. For the Kids!

Colleen Moriaty is a staff writer and secretary for The Hub she can be reached at or on Twitter @ColleenMoriaty.

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