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Op-Ed: Emmanuel Dynasty

It’s impossible to ignore the recent frenzy, despite how badly you want to, surrounding Professors Kulich and Craig. Professor Craig didn’t receive tenure, and Professor Kulich didn’t have her contract picked back up.

Now, as these things often cause, many students were outraged over this.

Whether you’re a Kulich Krusader, a Craig Crier, or just a member of “Dumbledore’s Army,” a sundry of students have taken up the cause and have made their voices heard by Emmanuel. With threats to protest Accepted Students Day, remove their name from the donor list, boycott, petition, and a countless number of other things, you can’t walk around this school without seeing some spectacle of this movement playing out.

There are several things that baffle me about this movement.

I respect standing up for what you believe in, it’s admirable.

I don’t respect not thinking about the consequences, short/long term, feasible or not.

I don’t respect forcefully dragging people who don’t want to get involved in to it.

I don’t respect rampant disorganization.

I don’t respect hypocrites.

Inflammatory words, I know. But I intend to explain why I say this. Or maybe I don’t, maybe the Op-Ed ends here.

It doesn’t.

I’ll start with the hypocrites, and by golly is there a lot of them.

Remember, if you will, a few months back. Setting: Duck Dynasty. The patriarch of the group made some rather racist and homophobic comments. He was temporarily “fired” by A&E. There were two separate groups. One, who said that A&E had the right to fire him because he was an employee under contract with a private company and therefore they were reserved the right to fire him for making the company look bad, and those who said they violated his First Amendment rights by firing him.

Surely, you already see where this is going. How many of you, and I personally know of several, said that A&E had the right to deny him employment because he was an employee under contract by a private company, and they had the right to fire anyone who made them look bad?

Now, how many of these same people pointed out that they believe Craig was denied tenure because he was outspoken against Emmanuel, and that this was completely unfair?

Trust me, I know what you’re violently typing into the comment box “HE WAS ‘FIRED’ BECAUSE HE SAID RACIST THINGS” followed probably by several exclamation marks, maybe even an accidental “1”. That may be true, but eventually the conflict devolved into whether or not A&E had the right to fire someone because they have a negative affect on the public outlook of their company, which they do, being a private company and all who employ people under contract.

My intent is not to say that Phil Robertson and Chris Craig are comparable with their actions, they certainly aren’t. But the basic argument remains the same, no matter what is said.

You cant protest one without the other.

Either you support Phil Robertson and Chris Craig, or you’re against both.

Next, I’ll address the fact that no one is thinking of the possible consequences.

Lets say you went through with your idea of protesting during Accepted Students Day, lets say you scare away prospective students who don’t want to get involved in this, instead of bringing light to the situation. Less students mean less money into Emmanuel, less money into Emmanuel means more professors get let go. Your movement to protect the professors leads to more professors getting let go, repeating this ugly process. Lets imagine that students continue to stay away, so a prolonged sequence of less money for Emmanuel eventually leads to the college having to close. Those still at Emmanuel when this happens, swimming in debt to fund their education, suddenly see their process nullified. $100K in debt, nothing to show for it. Is this likely? No. Is this a possible consequence? 100%. Almost all of you are willing to forcefully drag in students who want nothing to do with this, while failing to consider the consequences for those who didn’t want to get involved. I will be $100Kin debt when I graduate, I want nothing to do with this movement. I want to collect my diploma next year and head on out of here and into the real world. However, I am made, unwillingly, to be a pawn in this student movement.

Finally, we move on to the rampant disorganization.

What initially started as a simple Tenure Craig Twitter, suddenly turned into a Tenure Craig Facebook, which spawned a Renew Kulich Facebook, which has spawned several other individual factions amongst themselves, and I’m sure in the coming days, even more groups will spawn.

Secondly, the infighting is pathetic. Already people are calling other people out, attacking the other splinter groups. This whole movement is like watching the Occupy Wall Street movement at 100% fast forward.

It’s a joke.

You can start as many trendy hashtags as you want, but this movement is quickly becoming a laughing stock. Countless times I have heard people mockingly saying “Hashtag Money Talks Teachers Walk” and then laughing about it.

This is how the rest of the student body views you.

This is undoubtedly how Administration views you, if you truly believe they “don’t care about you.”

This is how I view you.

If this movement was actually well thought out and not blinded by hatred and emotion, maybe I could get behind it. But I can’t, and you have only yourselves to blame.

Has anyone considered the fact that maybe Kulich doesn’t want to come back?

Has anyone considered the fact that maybe Craig doesn’t want to come back? If he’s so outspoken against Emmanuel, why would he possibly want to stay?

Instead you take it upon yourselves to be them. But you aren’t Professor Kulich, and you aren’t Professor Craig. You’re a rag tag group of students who can’t even stay organized for a few days in a row without splintering off and attacking the other groups.

This movement has undoubtedly caused more harm to these beloved professors than it has helped.

You should all be ashamed.


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12 Responses to Op-Ed: Emmanuel Dynasty

  1. Nathan Benevides

    March 29, 2014 at 2:59 pm

    The blow that the loss of Anonymoose
    deals to the longevity and strength of these students’ movements cannot be expressed in words. All that’s left to do now is to surrender and disband, lest anyone else be offended by disorganization and hypocrisy.

  2. anonynothingbettertodowithmytime

    March 29, 2014 at 3:28 pm

    “Is this likely? No. Is this a possible consequence? 100%. ” I hope this point was a joking jab at hypocrisy because otherwise it sounds dumb.

  3. Kyera Sterling

    March 29, 2014 at 5:04 pm

    The plot thickens! It’s a joke Anonymoose says, this entire thing is a big, fat joke and us Kulich Krusaders are simply a bunch of unorganized, bratty kids looking for a fight. We’re also hypocrites — AnonyMoose isn’t so clear as to why or how we are — but yes we are hypocrites! We have no respect or foresight of short and long term consequences, and of course best of all our movement causes more harm than good.

    Firstly I’d like to respond to the notion that we are a laughing stock – a joke among those among the campus that simply don’t care. Many would say that you too are a ‘laughing stock’. Exclude my use of your phraseology, I normally don’t resort to name calling. See you and those that share your views of apathy tend to be those that also don’t feel any need to participate in causes that are larger than yourselves and usually that attitude will follow you into adulthood as you remain a naysayer to those that make decisions for overall society. The apathetic of America- also called parochials, those that disagree with their government and yet don’t really feel a need to get involved.

    But the truth is we need the apathetic don’t we? Those that decide to keep themselves on the sidelines because, hey it doesn’t really impact them. Exit, Voice, and Loyalty – Wikipedia should be able to give you a short synopsis of the book, but again, don’t feel compelled.

    What’s next? Ah yes, we’re disorganized like just like Occupy Wall Street, and just like them we’ll probably fizzle out. You’re right, Occupy Wall Street NEVER served as the beginning to a larger conversation about the inequality gap of the 1% to the other 99. I hope my sarcasm doesn’t go unnoticed there. See our movement has already succeeded at its most fundamental level as it has gotten students from all over the COF area (and yes I repeat the entire COF area) to start a conversation about the relationship students should have with their administration and the overall say they have in the direction of their educations. Movements like these, like ours, have occurred all around the country at universities such as Columbia, the University of Pennsylvania, and even here in Boston at Harvard University. But AnonyMoose, I appreciate your criticisms, we look disorganized? Give me a day and let me see if I can change that for you.

    If, however, I was to cede you a point it would be towards your comments about the proposed protests at Accepted Students Day. Well most of your comments, anyways. You and others are absolutely correct in disagreeing with such an action. Protesting Accepted Students Day is a volatile, and thoughtless action that does more harm than good. I for one, in all of my efforts, favor peaceful and informed actions that choose to attempt to work with the administration and departments rather than against them.

    And last but certainly not least, allow me to respond to your comments about the cause of the Kulich Krusaders and the Craig Criers. See AnonyMoose, you’re incorrect in saying that we are not thinking of the short and long term consequences because that is exactly why we are doing this. We are not Emmanuel haters – though admittedly many Facebook posts and op/eds state things otherwise- but Emmanuel believers. And it is because we believe in what Emmanuel can be that we so ferociously want to ensure that we make it a place where students continuously take pride in the education they receive. We believe that all should have a right to an amazing quality of education that- and that includes the apathetic and the participatory.


      March 30, 2014 at 12:34 pm

      If these groups really want students to take pride in the emmanuel community they would not have started such a battle. These groups went in with no thought of the potential consequences of your actions and only realized the effect this could have on the school as a whole. They never really cared about the feelings of the professors, since you made no comment about how the professors could desire to leave. These groups are considered childish and a laughing stock by most of the student body because you started a battle with a policy set in place before you ever came to Emmanuel for the teacher you liked in class. So, do you ever visit your favorite teachers from elementary or high school? Will you ripe apart those communities as well if your favorite teacher was let go or left of their own accord? These groups are like children throwing a tantrum because they did not get their way. So, DO NOT claim that Emmanuel is failing to take our opinions into account or that Emmanuel has failed to uphold their end of the deal. This act is simple that of children that have not yet matured and leading the march says a lot about who you are as a person. last question: AREN’T YOU RUNNING FOR SGA PRESIDENT? AND FRIENDS WITH THE PRESIDENT OF THE HUB? THIS CERTAINLY SAYS A LOT ABOUT YOU!
      Thank you Anonymoose for saying what most of Emmanuel is think, well the MATURE members of Emmanuel anyway!

  4. A "Craig Crier"

    March 30, 2014 at 5:20 pm

    The unfortunate truth is that this is a very important cause that has gone a bit buck wild. Much like the occupy movement. There is a major issue with the policy for promotion and tenure, but emotions are involved and things get out of control (as to be expected). With that said, incoming students have the right to know, maybe they won’t care and come anyway, which is likely, but people have the right to voice their concerns and if I was starting my college education somewhere I would like to know this walking in the door. Organization in this cause is lacking, but so is the time to act. Whether you think this is ridiculous or not it isn’t simply about the classroom experience, Christopher Craig is doing important work in his field. You may disagree (that’s the beauty of America), but he is doing important work in the classroom and out, with students and research. Getting a job somewhere else, having access to materials to continue research, and having money to pay your bills are all something we should keep in mind when we say maybe they don’t want to stay. Academia is a twisted web and getting jobs in institutions is very difficult, especially if you are geographically restricted.


      March 30, 2014 at 8:28 pm

      Do you find Emmanuel College so lacking in morals that they would not provide Christopher Craig with a good recommendation to another school? I ask that you find other professors whom have not had their contracts and ask what the college did for them? And if they say the college failed them then you have your point, but if it is the exact opposite that shows no attempt on your own part to truly understand the situation.

  5. Anonymouse

    March 30, 2014 at 10:55 pm

    Please realize what you are asking for: information on the personal lives of professors and information about ex-faculty members. If students did do these things and asked them, they cannot share it as it jeopardizes the positions of the professors. They are not allowed to comment to us about their feelings. However, it is telling that Craig has already appealed tenure once. If they want to leave, so be it. But they would have left earlier if they didn’t want to be here- why wait to be forced out? So anonymoose and anonyreality I challenge you: search for these things yourself before you pass judgement on the actions of others. At the very least, these students are standing up for something they believe in and you instead criticise them for having a voice. Your disdain is rude and uncalled for when you only talk about the value of your degree and leaving Emmanuel with debt. I, like all other students, understand these concerns, but don’t you dare call out others for caring about the education in a meaningful way: what they learn at Emmanuel. I want to learn and grow as a person at Emmanuel, not only walk away from here with a piece of paper. Are you truly thinking about the long term? When I go for a job interview, I will have the pleasure of taking that job away from you because I value learning and value fighting for what I believe in. The shame is truly on you.


      March 31, 2014 at 9:05 am

      So Christopher Craig is going about this business in a mature and respectable manner, and as his students don’t you owe it to him to do the same? You argue that this “disdain” showed by everyone is criticism, but this the feelings of the other students whom are trapped in the middle of this whole act. You find our dislike of the current situation on campus rude, then what exactly do you think we feel about the actions of these groups. I leave you with these questions, when all you learn to do is fight then what do you know of peace? If all you seek is the approval of your own righteous beliefs then what of the beliefs of others? This war on campus is hurting the members of emmanuel, both student and faculty alike, you guys fight your war but leave the innocent out of it. Those perspective students are civilians as are the neutral members of Emmanuel college, so don’t drag us into a war that only a select few wanted. What happened to Craig and Kulich is unfortunate, but your actions are not helping making the situation better. For once in your though process, Could these groups consider the feelings of all emmanuel instead of the select few?

  6. Anonymouse

    March 31, 2014 at 3:50 pm

    Let it be known that there are two separate groups with separate goals. While this may seem confusing to some, the purpose of having separate groups is to differentiate the goals, as contract renewal and the tenure process are very different. Therefore, there is a group for Kulich and a group for Craig. Please tell me where there is “war” from the Renew Kulich group. They are purely asking for letters and awareness. That’s all. There’s no mention of “war;” instead they call for peace. If one or two extreme students post on CCDT, you assume that’s all the goals of everyone who wants to tenure Craig. I hate the idea of protesting ASVD. I completely agree with you on that front as it really would be detrimental to Emmanuel as a whole. A vast majority of the students who want change are doing so peacefully and disagree with extreme action. Both groups are calling for letters and signatures on a petition. Where’s the war in that? Op-eds on the Hub and Facebook groups don’t constitute a war or dragging innocent students into things. There’s nothing about involving students who don’t want to be involved. It’s on a buy-in basis only. It’s not even a true protest at this point. It’s not a war, so don’t call it one.

    All comments above about “disdain” and “rudeness” were directed at your above comments, not the students who stay out of the matter. If students don’t want to involve themselves, there’s nothing that is making them. Please don’t use “we” as if I was disrespecting students who want to remain on the sidelines. I respect decisions to not get involved. But calling out others and being condescending is unnecessary, especially if you are calling yourself “mature.”


      March 31, 2014 at 7:02 pm

      There is nothing condescending about my feelings and I do apologize if it feels that way, but those are my honest to god feelings on this manner. If so many, outside of the CCDT post, claim that they will be informing the prospective students about both issues, then how can one not assume that is the goal of these groups. I understand that these groups are frustrated about this issue, but if so many, online and off, are using the words ‘fight,’ ‘riot,’ ‘battle’ and other terms, how can one not think of it as small war between two unyielding sides with their own purpose? These groups are so disorganized and their arguments are fragmented that their true purpose is lost to the rest of the emmanuel and these groups begin to seem childish instead of an important issue needing serious regard and thinking. I am so tired of hearing this issue and just wish that things would end. Life is not always fair and this the reality we have to accept. There are fights we can win and others we will lose, and I think this may be one of the losing ones. Suppose you guys win and they reverse their decision for Kulich and give Craig time to write more publication to gain tenure, will you guys come back to peacefully protest again and again for more teachers? Everyone is rallied now, but when you leave the school with a diploma in your hands will any of it have really mattered? What exactly will these groups gain from forcing the school to give in to their demands, say the school gives in what exactly is stopping from revising back to their original policies when the most outspoken members graduate?

  7. Katie

    May 4, 2014 at 6:04 pm

    How about those of us who aren’t students, we’re alumni – now in hundred thousand dollar debt from the inflated cost of Emmanuel. Yes I eagerly signed on for that and I take responsibility. When I get those four bills every month I sometimes reflect on my time at Emmanuel, the classes I learned the most from, the professors who made the biggest impact, I always think of Kulich and at least her courses were worth the 75,000 I need to pay back now, I wish I took all of them now. I wish I could get some of my money back because of the professors who constantly cancelled class or showed up 20 minutes late- what did I learn from them? Nothing. As Kulich would say – you need to compare apples to oranges, tv shows and colleges cannot be compared. Colleges should be accountable to the students – TV shows are accountable to their networks, sponsors etc.

    Those of you still in school should think about what you’re getting out of each and every class, are you being challenged? Is it the best use of your time?

    • Katie

      May 4, 2014 at 6:12 pm

      *apples to apples sorry, allergies head