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Class of 2016: Meet Your SGA Senator Candidates

Presidential Candidates: 

Anastasia Yogas:

Anastasia Yogas 16 President


I’m a declared double major in Political Science (concentration in American Government) and American Studies, with a minor in Communications.

About Yogas:

I am from Manchester NH. I am an Orientation Leader for the incoming class of 2018, Co-Chair of Fundraising and Sponsorship for this year’s Dance Marathon , Public Relations Officer for EC Political Forum, and a student worker on campus. My hobbies include drinking copious amounts of coffee, and watching netflix originals; seasons at a time.

Why do you want the position you’re running for?

I am running for President of the Sophomore Class. I desire to be President because I want to do my part in making sure that our class has a great final 2 years here at Emmanuel. I want everybody to leave Emmanuel and be able to say that they thoroughly enjoyed their time here, and that the claim of these being “the best years of their lives” is true. I want the class to feel that they have their opinions and thoughts being represented to the upper Administration and other SGA officers/officials.

Why are you the best candidate for the position?

I believe that I am the best applicant for the position because I have the leadership experience to complement the duties of President, the drive to deliver quality results, and a passion to assist others when they ask for help. I love to deliver results and make the changes desired.


Tyler Gravelle:

Tyler Gravelle 16 President


I’m studying Biology with a Concentration in Neuroscience at Emmanuel. I’m fascinated by and would love to make an impact in non-embryonic stem cell medicines.

About Gravelle:

I was originally born in Traverse City, Michigan and still have a lot of family out west, so I had a sort of hybrid childhood between the northeast and classic mid-western upbringing. I love to play soccer, snowboard, and play video games. I was an Orientation Leader last summer, I’m a co-chair of the Conversations Committee on the Emmanuel College Programming Board, and a member of both Sophmore Connection in the Emmanuel College Leadership Academy, and a member of the newly formed Biology Club.

Why do you want the position you’re running for?

When I was in High School, you never would have pegged me for a leader. I was involved, but did nothing leadership-esk. My OLs actually sparked this new side of involvement and leadership that I exude today. Throughout my short time at Emmanuel, I’ve developed a passion for working with and for my fellow students. Becoming president of my class would allow me to continues this path and bring it to an even higher scale!

Why are you the best candidate for the position?

I believe that I’m the best candidate because of my versatility. This is just my opinion, but I feel as though I’m a fairly well known person on campus. I have friends in all areas of study, involvement, etc. The point of this is that this widespread knowledge of the campus is a great asset for playing into governing over our class as president. Being in-the-know, so to speak. This also allows me to represent the interests and ideals of students in my class that other candidates couldn’t. I feel as though I have the ability to aid everyone, not just the majority.


Vice Presidential Candidates: 

Joseph Ouellet:

16 VP Joe Ouellet


My major is International Studies with a concentration in Diplomacy and Security. I am also minoring in Middle Eastern Studies while pursuing my certificate in Arabic. I intend on completing my certificate by the end of this semester.

About Ouellet:

I am from the small town of Brooklyn, Connecticut. It is in North Eastern Connecticut which is appropriately named the “Quiet Corner.”
I am currently the Vice President of the Political Forum, which is some excellent experience for the ballot I am currently on, if I may add that. I am also a member of the Model United Nations club. Through Model UN I have been able to win individual awards while also pursuing opportunities to lead my peers. This semester I was the Head Delegate of the team that went to the Harvard MUN conference. Otherwise I sincerely enjoy using my free time for my personal time away from the business and distractions I find here. While I believe I can call Boston my home, I still find that my country comes out every once in a while and I yearn for some peace and quiet alone.

Why do you want the position you’re running for?

I believe that it is time that I find a way to serve the broader community at Emmanuel, but more specifically the friends I came here and will leave with in the Class of 2016. This group of people that make up our class is truly special and has made me a better person. I want the opportunity to better the present and future for my peers. Our class events are only going to become more and more significant as time goes on and I want to make sure things are as grand and exciting as our class deserves.

Why are you the best candidate for the position?

I am the best candidate because not only do I have experience in this capacity, but it is my area of study. While I was in high school I served in three different positions on my Student Government’s Executive Board. These various positions gave me a well rounded, hands on education on how to most effectively run a Student Government organization but also taught me how to stay in touch with the students who I am supposed to be serving. It can be easy to get elected to these positions, keep your same social circle, and just move on with the job, but that is not what it is about. There are so many and so diverse groups of people on campus that it takes a sincere effort to reach out to people you may have previously never spoken to and ask them if they feel they need anything I can help provide. The position demands that the student occupying it go beyond themselves and put the whole student body above them and act in the populations best interest, not in their personal interests. My personal experience combined with my studies in government and political leadership provide me the proper tools to be an effective leader, and the best candidate for the Vice Presidency of the Class of 2016.


Megan Moriarty:

Megan Moriarty 16 VP



Psychology with a concentration in Counseling & Health.

About Moriarty:

Hometown: Bridgewater, MA

On campus, I am a general member of RHA, am a S.A.G.E. guide, serve as a liturgical minister at the weekend masses, and work as a Front Desk Assistant in St. Ann’s. I also work off-campus in the Red Sox Team Store. In my spare time I love to run, read, and watch baseball and hockey games (Go Sox & Bruins!)

Why do you want the position you’re running for?

I would love to be re-elected to the Class of 2016 Vice President position because I have an incredibly strong desire to serve others. Representative leadership has become one of my passions and I would love another year of opportunity to grow as a student leader and person, but more importantly, the opportunity to serve the people I have the wonderful privilege of being classmates with!

Why are you the best candidate for the position?
I feel that a year’s worth of experience in the position gives me an advantage as a candidate. As Class Vice President, I have served on the Constitution Committee and have therefore gained not only an immense appreciation of the Student Government Association overall, but an incredibly thorough understanding of how it works. After two full semesters, I have really gauged what is and is not working with the SGA and the Class of 2016 overall and already have the resources, relationships with both administrators and students, and drive to address these concerns in the upcoming year. Furthermore, after working collaboratively over the last six months with my fellow officers to meticulously plan every detail of the upcoming Sophomore Pinning ceremony, I am confident that I have a strong ability to plan the future important Emmanuel events and traditions, such as Junior Ring and Tassel in the fall.


Treasurer Candidates

Corinne Stinton:

Corinne Stinton 16 Treasurer


Communications with a Minor in Graphic Design

About Stinton:

From: A small town in Connecticut called Burlington

Hobbies: I love making and editing videos and music, and I love learning more about make up so I’m always watching beauty vloggers on YouTube.

Clubs: Campus Cursive and now the Communications club.

Why do you want the position you’re running for?

I love working with the SGA, the finance committee and my fellow class officers. Being able to plan events for the campus and handling the school’s budget to distribute it fairly to clubs is something I love to do. I love giving back to the Emmanuel community and being on SGA is one of the ways I can. The best part about this year was being able to plan out every detail of Sophomore Pinning and managing the budget for one of Emmanuel’s important traditions was an exciting experience for me. If re-elected, I would love to plan out Junior Ring and Tassel and make it just as great of a success as Sophomore Pinning is going to be.

Why are you the best candidate for the position?

I’m the best candidate for this position because I have held the position of Class of 2016 Treasurer for three semesters now, I know how to handle a large budget and spend the money wisely for our group, and I have experience working with the Finance Committee in budget meetings and our weekly meetings to make sure each club’s finances are in place. One of the most important things about being a member of the Finance Committee is working with the Treasurer’s Handbook. Not only have I enforced the rules for three semesters while working with clubs, but I have helped to make permanent changes to it that will make each student’s activities fee benefit them in as many ways as possible.


Linnea Erickson: Response Pending



Secretary Candidate: Marycatherine Dunne

Marycatherine Dunne 16 Treasurer

I am a Biology major with a concentration in Health Sciences.

About Dunne:

I am part of the Sailing Team, Chemistry Club and plan to also be a part of the newly recognized Biology Club. I’m from Peabody, MA and my hobbies are knitting, hiking and biking.

Why do you want the position you’re running for?

I wanted to run for secretary because in high school I held leadership positions involving clerical work and felt that my experience best fit the role of Class Secretary. As a class senator, the responsibility of being a voting member is also important to me. I believe in a student voice on campus, and being elected as the class secretary for the past two years has given me the opportunity to share and express concerns of student’s when speakers from various parts of campus appear in front of the Student Government Association.

Why are you the best candidate for the position?

Although I am running unopposed, I still believe I am the best candidate. I have served as the Class of 2016 Secretary for the past two years and have fulfilled the responsibilities of the position and believe I can continue to serve and represent the student body.


Polls opens today and will close tomorrow at 4pm. Check your e-mail for a link to your ballot.

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