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Meet Your SGA Executive Board Candidates

Executive Presidential Candidates:

Phillipe Miranda ’15

Phillipe Miranda SGA President


My major is art therapy.

About Miranda:

I am from Barnstable Massachusetts born and raised! I love to paint and draw and be as creative as possible in anything I do. I sing a lot and listen to music constantly. Aside from the SGA I am involved in the co ed acapella group, Acapocalypse. I am an ecPULSE mentor for first year students as well.

Why do you want the position you’re running for?

I want to be SGA president because this school and it’s community deserve someone who is equally as passionate about their school as they are. I have been on SGA now for 5 semesters and have really grown into my own as a leader. This is a position I am ready and well prepared for.

Why are you the best candidate for the position?

I believe I am the better candidate because I have done more work for the student body than my counterpart has. This does not mean she is not qualified. We have the same qualifications ( being on SGA for the same amount of time, similar areas of involvement, and just as passionate), however I have always focused all my energy and commitment to the SGA. She says, “stick with Amy” implying she has more experience meaning she would be a better choice. On the contrary, her role on the SGA has not immediately affected the student population. I have worked countless hours, days and months as class president planning events, ceremonies, and class meetings allowing my constituents to be engaged. As director of club relations I have aimed to achieve positive club and SGA relations, worked beyond what was expected of me and revitalized the role and made it better constantly looking for more ways to improve. I have put effort in making sure clubs are heard and treated fairly in all SGA matters that arise.
I believe that my experiences with the other members of the SGA will help me to make a smooth transition from First Year to Sophomore Class Secretary. If re-elected, I look forward to hearing all the opinions of the First Year Class as well as representing them in SGA. Furthermore, I look forward to class traditions, facilitating conversations between the Class of 2017 and the SGA, and continuing to work with my fellow SGA members to make improvements on campus.


Amy Chung ’15

Amy Chung SGA Pres


I’m an English Communication major with a minor in Management and a certificate in Spanish.

About Yogas:

I grew up in Canton, MA which is about 30 minutes south of Boston. During my four years at Canton High School I got involved in student council as a class representative. While looking at colleges I absolutely fell in love with Emmanuel and all the opportunities to get involved. Emmanuel was the only school I applied to because I had no doubt in my mind that this was — and is– a community I feel passionately about. During my first semester I was very shy and didn’t have the courage to run for a position on the Student Government Association (SGA). Luckily for me a position on the Executive Board opened up during my second semester. I interview for the position and shortly after became the Executive Secretary of the SGA. I have now been on the SGA for five consecutive semesters. I spent a year as the Executive Secretary and am now finishing up my third semester as Executive Vice President. At Emmanuel I am also currently involved as a a committee chair on the 1804 Society (an organization that continues to promote the mission of the Sister of Notre Dame who founded our school), an Admissions Ambassador, a SAGE Guide, a Front Desk Attendant in St. Ann’s, and a member of Omicron Delta Kappa (ODK — the leadership national honors society on campus). In the past I’ve been an Orientation Leader (summers of 2012 & 2013), the manager in the Corner Pocket campus game room, and a member of the Executive Suite Leadership Academy. In my free time I love to read, play Candy Crush, watch TV, sing, and dance.

Why do you want the position you’re running for?

I want to be the SGA President because I want to be able to make a difference in the relationship between the students and the SGA. Throughout my time on the SGA I have seen the progress that we have made as an organization, but I haven’t seen that progress effectively communicated to the student body. Also, I would like to raise awareness for the SGA. Not many people know who the SGA is and what we do — I want to change that. I want to see students attend our weekly meetings (Tuesdays at 12:15 in WSC 102!) and feel as though they can approach any member of the SGA at any time. Not only do I hope the student body can gain a better understanding of the SGA, but I hope the SGA can learn more about what the students want to see and do our best to make that happen. I have some ideas at the preliminary stages for how to make these things happen, but I really want feedback from the student body. I am only one mind; imagine what we could do if all 1,800 were actively engaged and working toward a common goal.

Why are you the best candidate for the position?

As you can see through my involvement I listed earlier, I have dabbled in many different areas of involvement on campus. I believe that this gives me an advantage because I have been able to hear and experience different perspectives. Also, I have been able to meet many people through these leadership positions that would be willing to collaborate with the SGA to start to make that movement to make the SGA more approachable and an actual resource to the campus. My past three semesters as the Executive Vice President have also been leading me to running for the Presidency. I have been able to work directly with two different Presidents to see what has worked and what hasn’t. I have been able to begin planning for next year since the beginning of this year so that everything can run as smoothly as possible next year. Lastly, I hope that I am an approachable face on campus. As mentioned earlier, I want people to feel comfortable with the SGA — not threatened by us. I hope that my willingness to speak to students and actually listen to what they have to say shines through. I’m no longer the shy girl I was in 2011 so I believe I would have no trouble forming relationships not only with club executive boards, but with the average student as well.


Executive Vice Presidential Candidates:

Catherine Graham

Answers Pending


Kyera Sterling 

Photo on 6-21-13 at 6.35 PM

What is your major?

Political Science w/ a concentration in International Relations and Comparative Politics as well as a minor in English Literature

Tell us a little bit about yourself, i.e. where you are from, hobbies, clubs you are involved in:

I’ve always been a bit of a nomad as I moved around a lot as a kid – by 6th grade I had lived in five different states. However, looking back not having roots in one particular spot has really impacted how I respond to change and how I address life in general. Every moment matters and you have to cherish the experiences given to you, but, most importantly sometimes it’s up to you to go and make those opportunities yourself. That attitude guided me when I came to Emmanuel. I’ve been Vice President and President of the Class of 2015, an ecPULSE student and then an ecPULSE mentor. I always say that leadership is just who I am, and being able to use it to fix a problem that others deem un-fixable or helping someone discover an aspect of themselves they never knew was there is a return that nobody can put a price on. My sophomore year I became engrossed in Model United Nations – it’s a humbling experience to be thrown into a crowd of ivy leaguers and feel the need to prove you’re just as good. I can empathize with those that have ever wondered what it meant to come from Emmanuel College, I may have some comforting answers for you. Outside of Emmanuel I’m normally working. On the off chance I’m not working I’m probably watching Scandal.

Why do you want to be the position you are running for?

I would like to be elected to the office of Executive Vice President because I really think it’s about time we try and shake up the SGA. I have never been shy about my love for the Student Government Association – I believe whole-heartedly in the idea of Student Representation and that it can in fact be done in an effective and efficient fashion. Call me an idealist, but I simply don’t believe that it’s okay for an organization to not represent its students or actively try and engage them beyond budget meetings and special funding requests. I also believe that Emmanuel is much more than clubs, it is the students themselves and it’s high time that we try and represent that. No one person should be defined by their organization but rather who they are because of it. However, I also understand that budget meetings and special funding requests are part of the deal. Yet even with that there are ways to make those processes much more accessible to students whether it be an online database that expedites the way students submit documents or improvements to the constitution – in the words of my chief of staff Linnea Erickson ‘let’s do something different’.

Why are you the best candidate?

I feel that I’m the best candidate for Executive Vice President because I have the vision and the reserve to make some change happen. I served on the Student Government Association for four consecutive semesters until this year when I spent that time to personally fight to pay for tuition. I get what it feels like to hand over your money to a school and deeply contemplate whether what you’re receiving in return is worth it. Furthermore, I am also of the stern belief that students have a responsibility and right to ensure that their education is what they deserve.


Executive Resident Representative Candidate:

Eddie Fisher

Answers Pending


Executive Commuter Representative Candidate:

Cody Diehl ’15

What is your major?

I am a Political Science major concentrating in International Relations and comparative studies. 

About Diehl:

Originally, I’m from Derry, New Hampshire. I served as a class officer for all of my years at Pinkerton Academy and created meaningful and lifelong relationships with all of my fellow officers. First and foremost, I try to be true to myself and have fun regardless of what other people think and I think that my thought process differs from a lot of other people’s. When it comes to Emmanuel, being a commuter, my life is a little bit different now than it was when I lived on campus. When I lived on campus I was involved in a ton of different things. I had brief stints with the 1804 Society, Student Athletic Advisory Committee, Political Forum and  I played Volleyball my freshman and sophomore  years and even served as a captain as a Sophomore. Honestly, I made the decision that I was no longer going to be involved in leadership positions at Emmanuel because of the lack of acceptance that advisors and professional staff have when it comes to students not fitting the clean-cut image Emmanuel covets. Clearly, the decision I made at the beginning of the year did not last long.

Why do you want the position you’re running for?

I am currently running unopposed as the Commuter Senator. I was appointed after John McNamara stepped down this past month. 

Why are you the best candidate for the position?

Despite running unopposed, I think I would have been the best candidate for this position regardless. My closest friends are all commuters, and I served as my class treasurer before resigning in 2013. 


Polls opens today and will close tomorrow at 4pm. Check your e-mail for a link to your ballot.

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