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Class of 2018: A Numerical Snapshot

A new year at Emmanuel has begun, and in its stride a new class has emerged. Besides creating neckwear out of the student ID, the class of 2018 reveals many changes to the school’s population. The class is made up of around 563 students, which does not differ immensely from sizes years before. But some statistics shared from the Admissions Office reveal shifts in population since last year’s freshman rose to sophomore status.

This year, the new class’ number of men has risen to 27%, believe it or not! This number has only increased by about one percent since last year, but slowly the number is rising. Women of course are the reigning Emmanuel majority, at 73% of the 2018 class.

Apart from previous years, the number of students who identified as persons of color has risen from 18% to 23% in this class. This number was gathered from the Common Application, and though some students may not have placed a specific ethnicity at all, this number indicates an increase nonetheless. Compared to the class size, this increase equates to about 28 to 30 students. Even so, statistically this is a change for Emmanuel’s student body.

Most of the 2018 class hails from EC’s home state of Massachusetts. Just under 50% of new students are from Massachusetts, with the remaining New England states in second place for hometown locations. Texas, California, Florida and Maryland are the primary non-New England states for the incoming class this year. There are new students with origins scattered across the continental United States, and outside of the border, 8 countries are represented in 2018.

This year around 10% of  new Saints are legacy students. This means that almost fifty-seven students have a parent or relative who also attended the college. Our dorm buildings are packed with the new class, as 90-95% of the group is living on campus, indicating less than thirty freshmen are commuting from outside the gates. And similarly to last year, the average high school G.P.A. of the attending freshmen class is around a 3.6.

Sandy Robbins, Dean of Enrollment, notes that these numbers are subject to change due to the drop deadline next week. But until then, our school would like to welcome the 563 new faces that fill our halls, our quad, and certainly cannot individually be described by a number or percentage symbol.

Kelly Anderson is a staff writer for the Hub. She is of the class of 2017, and can be reached at

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