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OSAMP Digitizes Paperwork, Creates EC Learn Group for Student Organizations

If you’re on the executive board of an on-campus organization, you may have noticed a decrease in emails and portal announcements this semester—we can all thank Amma Marfo, Assistant Director of Student Activities for that.

Over the summer, Marfo developed an ECLearn group titled ‘Student Organization Leaders’ which includes the members of all of the various clubs and organizations’ e-boards.

Marfo explained that the ECLearn group enables all of the forms and announcements that apply to our organizations to be found in one place and more importantly, a place where students already are. She explained that email proved to be inconsistent and that the portal wasn’t working for this type of thing, since the messages weren’t guaranteed to reach everyone.

“I think this system is respectful of everybody’s time. We’re not sending you info that you don’t need, there’s nothing excessive, nothing superfluous—it’s all important,” said Marfo.

In addition, an online room reservation system for club meetings and events has moved to the ECLearn site. Marfo explained there will be a decrease in paperwork and will create a more efficient system overall. All of the forms will automatically have a time-stamp, making them much easier to track.

Marfo also let us know that a student assistant will be placing all of the reservations onto a calendar within the ECLearn group, so that clubs will know who is where and what other events might be taking place on the same day as one of their own.

If you have questions about the ECLearn group or the online room reservation system, Marfo can be reached at:


Chelsea McDonnell is the Assistant Managing Editor for the Hub and can be reached at Follow her on Twitter @chelsea_lynn_!

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