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EP Promises More From EC’s Acapocalypse


Photo from Acapocalypse’s Facebook page

At midnight on September 4th, Acapocalypse released their EP ‘Anima’ on iTunes, Loudr and Spotify. Since then it has reached the #1 spot on the Vocal Performance chart according to iTunes. But for this up and coming group, it’s not the sales they crave. For them, the three day experience of producing this album and what will come of it is all they need. Brittany Pennellatore, the press contact for Acapocalypse and Justine Mclaughlin, the general manager, described this process as being very involved. It began last year with fundraising and reaching out to the SGA for support. As part of the budget, the SGA backed the project fully, giving the group the green light to record with their director’s close friends The Vocal Company. In February for three days straight, eight hours a day the group recorded, pouring their hearts into every part of each song. After that, it was up to The Vocal Company to mix and edit the recordings. Initial mixes were finalized throughout the summer. The EP was completed in mid-august, but the group wanted to wait until September to release it, matching the release with the return of students to campus.

Brittnay and Justine confessed that the hardest part about this process was not the actual process itself, but selecting the songs to be recorded. The main goal of the EP was to showcase the wide range of capabilities the group had. The song selection was to reflect on this talent, both in a group setting and with soloists. Each song features a soloist, allowing five members of Acapocalypse to showcase their talents. ‘Sleep’ features Arianna Pagan (’15) as the soloist, ‘It’s Gonna Be Me’ features Justine Mclaughlin (’16) and Michelene Dupuis (’17), ‘Please Don’t Go’ features Nick Lavorna (’16), and Pompeii features Phillipe Miranda (’15).

Acapocalypse has another recording date in November to hopefully finish out the album, hopefully to be released sometime in the spring. They also look forward to competing in the International Championship of Collegiate A Capella (ICCA). The group looks to become more serious after the intensity of the EP, using it as fuel to attain their goals of becoming better known in the Boston community as well as in the A Capella community.

Meet the Soloists:


“Seeing how far Acapocalypse has come in the past two years is something I can easily say I am most proud of in my college career. This EP is just a preview of the amazing things coming up for this group and I cannot wait for this incredible journey to continue!” ~ Justine McLaughlin, President





“Recording our EP with The Vocal Company will always be my favorite memory because we learned three new songs in under a month! We were all so dedicated and had one focus.” ~Phillipe Miranda





“I feel so fortunate to be part of something like Acapocolypse where not only do we get to do what we love, but we have a blast doing it. I have had so much fun and it is such an amazing experience!” ~Michelene Dupuis





“Being in Acapocalypse has been such a wonderful adventure. We have grown so much as a group, and I can’t wait to see what this year brings!” ~Ari Pagan





“Auditioning for Acapocalypse was one of the best decisions I’ve made since starting school at Emmanuel. I’ve gotten so close with these people over the last two years and I can’t wait to see what the next two have in store for us! Recording our EP was a really cool experience. Not only did it make us closer as a group, but it truly taught us how rewarding it is when you together toward a common goal.” ~Nick Lavorna


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