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The Jean Yawkey Center: A New and Improved Student Center

The start of a new academic year means the start of new classes, new clubs, and new homework assignments. On a positive note, Emmanuel kicked off this new semester with some exciting changes to the Jean Yawkey Center.

Walking into the JYC, there are two brand spanking new televisions. One features CNN while the other provides students with constant sports coverage. In addition, students up late studying in the Upper Atrium can now purchase snacks and drinks from two new vending machines.

Another change is the updated Fitness Center, which now includes a high-tech ID swipe system and newly purchased cardio equipment.

Kevin Farrell, the Director of Student Center Services, was able to share some information about some of these updates.

The Hub: Could you please share some information about the reasoning behind the addition of the televisions?

Farrell: Once I arrived at Emmanuel, I knew that adding televisions would be something that students would be interested in. A campus survey was conducted, asking students what they would like added to their Student Center. The top two responses were tv’s and vending machines. So we made it happen.

H: What was the process like to actually acquire some of the new purchases?

F: The funding for the new televisions came from the SGA, who moved forward with the administration about the input of adding televisions. The new cardio equipment came to my attention in the Spring because of Ron Laham, our Lead Athletic Trainer. Ron pointed out that the equipment needed some upgrading, and so we went forward with that initiative.

H: What are your feelings about these updates?

F: I definitely think that the new swipe system at the Fitness Desk is a quicker and more efficient way for students to come in and out of the student fitness center, while also still keeping track of usage information for security and safety purposes. Regarding the TV’s; I think it’s great. There have been so many national tragedies that it only seemed right to have a location to come together and see what is going on. Having a news television available in our student center provides a place for people to come in the event that something happens. In past tragedies, we’ve been unable to provide a central meeting place for news coverage to answer questions. I also think that its important to have sports coverage. New England is such a passionate follower of sports as a region, and so I think it will be nice to offer students a way to follow the teams they support.

H: Well I think that pretty much sums it up. Any final thoughts?

F: As we continue to grow and develop a student center, I think our student voice is important. The staff in the building enjoys hearing what students wish to add, and trying to accommodate those requests. We hope that everyone appreciate these new additions!

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