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Question of the Week: Let’s Talk Tinder

To introduce a new Hub Column “Question of the Week,” two of our bravest staff members (Ian Chamenko and Kyla Burke) took to the campus of EC to ask arguably the most important question of our generation; “Do you use Tinder?”.

Caylin, 20
Relationship status: Single, inactive current user
Caylin says “I used it because I was bored and wanted to see who was cute. I do think it’s possible to have meaningful conversations on Tinder.”

Randy, 29
Relationship status: It’s complicated
Randy says ” I don’t know what Tinder is but I know about chicken and fries!”

Lydia and Darien, both 18
Relationship status: Both single, active current users
Darien says ” I met someone on Tinder and he sent me flowers on graduation. He also likes all my Instagrams but doesn’t text back.”

Max, 20
Relationship status: Single, inactive user
Max says ” I’m not a current user but I have used it in the past. I believe there’s totally a possibility for meaningful relationships through virtual conversation. But I also want to talk to hot girls.”

Adam, 21
Relationship status: Single, inactive user
Adam says “I’ve had good and bad experiences on Tinder. I actually met someone from BC on Tinder and we became really good friends. Some bad experiences were that sometimes people are way too forward with comments.”

Paul, 20
Relationship status: Single, active user
Paul says “I had a great conversation the other day about sci-fi, which was cool. The worst parts can be sending out a hello and not getting a reply. I haven’t been on it long enough to manufacture a meaningful relationship yet.”

Devon, 18
Relationship status: Single, not a current user
“I’ve met people from Tinder but I’ve never had meaningful relationships.”


Do you have a Tinder experience worth talking about? Weigh in in the comments!

Email your questions to and check in next week to see if it gets answered!

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One Response to Question of the Week: Let’s Talk Tinder

  1. Anonymous

    October 7, 2014 at 9:48 pm

    Randy is married!