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“Tree Twin”

By Abbi Matheson 

Sun creeps out from behind a cloud

Leaves that were once bowed

In the rain that made a shroud

Around little Susie McCloud

I’ll wait out the storm, she vowed

Under the tree that she had sowed

It had grown so much and she was wowed

With her the tree had grown

Through a time when she was alone

It gave her peace to hear the branches moan

And not the ringing of her phone

When the people that she has known

Are calling to postpone

Again and again and again until

She is left with nil

And no one and no goodwill

From those with too much frill

In their lives that Susie McCloud is no thrill

And so she climbs once more uphill

Listening to the songs of little birds that kill

Little worms that drill

Into the earth where her tree resides

Steady despite the changing tides

Of her life and all the divides

But the tree has not chosen sides

It has stood by her and it guides

Being her rock through thick and thin

Seeing it there makes her grin

And she starts to grow from within

Like a tree, she is its twin

Underneath her skin

Where no one can see as she fights chagrin

From the people in her life

Who seek to cause her strife

The only one she trusts is her tree

He is like her family

Under his leaves she is undersea

With greens and blues swirling into a sight to see

She journeys there for afternoon tea

Sugar and milk together

As she stirs them next to the heather

Where she finds a lost feather

Of a bird from whom it will not be missed

Around her finger she does twist

It even when it tries to resist

And stay firm in her hand

It will not withstand

The force with which she commands

It is hard for her to understand

Why the feather and the world won’t bend

To her will so she must spend

Her days alone as she tries to comprehend

Why her only friend

Is the tree that she defends

With her life to it she will attend

Until she has found the reason why

She cannot defy

The expectations she must stand by

For they are made by those who rely

On their wit and wills whereby

They force submission off a lie

And dismiss any reply

That things are different now

But this they will not allow

Susie climbs onto a bough

Where she sits and looks down

At the little world and so she frowns

Because everything is rundown

And she wishes to get out

Of the place where she cannot sprout

But with her tree she cannot go without

And so her mind is filled with doubt

About where she wants to go

So she wanders to and fro

Under the summer sun that is aglow

Until at last returning to her chateaux

Much like a painting of Vincent van Gogh

Her tree sits in a field

And all at once she is healed

All in her mind that was once concealed

Is brought into the light

She walked to the tree as if in flight

Taking a deep breath and using all her might

She grasps a bow and holds it tight

In her hand and lobs it off forthright

She walks away into the night

With a piece of her past always in sight

And she knows everything will be all right

Years go by and now she is old

Returning to the tree that used to uphold

Her spirit and mind when she was cold

With the darkness in which she was enrolled

She has broken the mould

That was set by her tormentors in years past

And in the time that has passed

Her tree has remained

And reflects back all she has gained


Abbi is a Staff Writer for The Hub. She can be reached at or via Twitter @abbimathy

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