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Contaminant Found In St. Joe’s Soap

According to Residence Life, soap dispensers in the back wing bathroom on the second floor of St. Joe’s residence hall were contaminated with what Susan Benzie, Director of Residence Life, described as an unidentifiable liquid.

photo (2)Though no tests were conducted on the liquid, it was visually determined to not be hazardous.

Benzie stated that based on the accessibility to the soap bottle itself, the liquid, which sat on top of the soap, was deemed not hazardous.

In an email received by second floor residents, students were notified that Health Services was consulted on the contamination. Health Services did not comment on the issue, stating that the “issue is truly a residence life issue.”

“We determined the substance to be benign and not something requiring further analysis,” said Benzie.

In response to this issue, the paper towel stuffed in the doorknob to keep it from locking was removed, thus enforcing the codes on the bathroom doors. Benzie stated that RA’s do rounds on each floor anyways, including in the bathrooms, however now they are being more diligent in all the common spaces on the second floor.

In the email, students were warned that “tampering with hand soap dispensers…can qualify under the legal definition of assault.” In order for an act to be considered assault, a threat of bodily harm is combined with a clear ability to cause harm. 

Second floor residents continue to speculate as to what the unidentifiable liquid was, ranging from water to urine. The general mood of the floor on the issue is disgust, and residents hope that it wasn’t anyone who lives on the floor.

Abbi Matheson is a Staff Writer for The Hub. She can be reached at

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