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What Happened to Midnight Madness?

If you’re looking to spread your school spirt at Emmanuel this fall, you might be disappointed.

This year, Emmanuel’s annual pep rally, Midnight Madness, has been cancelled.

In the words of Kevin Farrell, Assistant Director of Student Activities and head of EC’s Superfans, “cancel is a tough word” to use to describe the lack of Midnight Madness this year. “I would say that it’s under research.”

The decision to remove Midnight Madness from the event list came from the top down. Jamahl Jackson, Assistant Athletic Director and head of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee, gave feedback on last year’s event to Pam Roecker, Director of Athletics.

Jackson stated that he was the only staff member at the event, and that while the event had grown into something great, it was “hard to control.”

Roecker then took this feedback and consulted with Farrell, as well as Residence Life, in regards to concerns they had about the event. Afterwards, it was determined that Midnight Madness would not occur in 2014, and that information was passed back down to Jackson.

The event had grown into a party and needed to be re-tooled. Which meant “taking a step back,” according to Farrell, and taking the spirit of Midnight Madness and transferring those intentions into other smaller events.

According to Farrell, these other activities will include things like give-aways at games. At the Women’s Volley Ball game against rival Keene State, rally towels were given away, which Farrell said helped increase attendance. There will also be receptions after the team blessings, the next of which occurs on November 13 for the upcoming basketball season.

As for the future of Midnight Madness, there seems to be no clear answer. Farrell stated that “midnight madness is an event and we don’t do the same events every year” which beholds a glimmer of hope for the tradition.

However, Farrell feels that Midnight Madness is not the event for Emmanuel.

“We’ve been needing something to build the spirit on campus…and I don’t think Midnight Madness fulfilled that need”.

Farrell also said that if “next year…we decide that there is a group of students that want to put it together, we revision it, we refocus it” and possibly resurrect Midnight Madness.

Abbi Matheson is a Staff Writer for The Hub. She can be reached at

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